In 30 years, intelligent highway will eliminate highway toll station

by:YEROO     2020-03-19
Department of transportation decision in Beijing, hebei, jilin, jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, jiangxi, henan, guangdong nine provinces ( City) , accelerate the new generation national transportation highway pilot control network and wisdom. What is a wisdom road? Wisdom road has the following characteristics: 1, the wisdom, on either side of a highway will erect 5 g communications equipment, provide extremely low latency broadband wireless communication, build the way car collaborative perception system, fully supports automated driving. 2, realize surface photovoltaic power generation, and mobile wireless charging, highway is a big charger, electric vehicles can charge as he ran. 3, roads, Bridges, tunnels can perceive, analyze the security status, and make the warning. 4, big data and intelligent management, be able to complete the mobile payment according to the characters of vehicle recognition, for example, that means you can drive a kilometer road automatic one kilometer money, import and export does not need wisdom road toll station, highway toll booths, of course, also don't need to. Don't think small make up is in no big talk but you didn't care, it is a black s science and technology, but not toll will disappear, gas station will disappear, is even the driver should be laid off in the future. Of course, our mobility in the future will become more convenient and comfortable. Feel the wisdom road of magic? Don't believe that HangShao to ningbo in zhejiang province superhighway already to start construction. HangShao yong superhighway is completed, will be intelligent, fast, green, safe and four elements. What is fast? Rapid pulse, is the highest speed limit will break 120 130 vein, 140 arteries and veins, and more. Intelligence is to build the wisdom of the big data driven cloud platform, through the intelligent system, vehicle control improve the running speed on the highway. Green is the realization of solar power, photovoltaic power generation, for electric vehicle charging service, mobile wireless charging late implementation, electric car owners can & other; Driving while charging & throughout; 。 As toll booths, learn about the wisdom of highway technology magic, we fully believe that over the next 30 years toll may be eliminated, toll station out toll booths will also become a thing of the past, perhaps may be replaced by another high speed control box.
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