in a divided san francisco, private tech buses drive tension

by:YEROO     2019-10-24
Part of the San Francisco Gulf income inequality series. If you want to know the tension between San Francisco tech workers, they often make six figures, many other residents of the city, try to stand around 7: 30 on weekdays on 24 th Street and the southwest corner of Valencia.
That corner is in the mission area, a place to work historically.
Class and serious Latino community.
Dozens of skilled workers lined up on the wall of an old cafe nearby --
Most of them wear headphones are young white people.
There is a bus shelter in front of them.
The only person who used it was a homeless person who slept in it.
Then there\'s the street full of streets.
Almost Endless
The sound of the engine and the shooting bus piston is very loud.
This is the sound of a private tech space shuttle: smooth, unmarked double
Deck with colored windows.
A car stops every few minutes.
Technology companies like Google, Yahoo and Apple have offices in Silicon Valley, about an hour\'s drive from the south of Silicon Valley.
But because many of their employees live in San Francisco, many companies use a private shuttle network to get their employees to work.
For some residents, buses have begun to become a symbol of economic isolation in San Francisco.
The idea of private companies running private buses is not economically fresh.
Microsoft does it in Seattle;
That\'s what Disney does in Los Angeles.
But in San Francisco, buses are more than just buses.
This is a dramatic symbol, and economic change is often uncomfortable.
The boom in technology has made communities like mission areas richer and whiter.
In San Francisco, tech worker Brian Leair likes to take private buses because of the reasons these companies run private buses.
First, convenient-
Cisco, the tech giant who goes to work by public transport, is not easy.
This is better for the environment than driving.
That means he can live in the city, not in the suburbs.
Still, he understood why the bus was frustrating.
Resentment about-
Oh, people have high-
The jobs brought about by the technology industry are disappearing and rents and house prices are rising, and I think the bus is a clear sign of all of this, he said.
\"You can blame me if you want, but I don\'t think I\'m the real reason for the problem.
But some do blame tech workers like Leair.
In a recent protest, demonstrators stopped a Google bus from parking across the street.
They built a building in a neon vest.
It says \"warning: Two-Tier System.
\"Their point of view is clear: one city is rich, and the other is owned by others.
Privilege and opportunity Bena schremali also lives in the mission, where she works in the public health sector in the nearby Alameda County.
Every morning, she takes her son to school, only a few blocks from where the shuttle stops.
She said she knew where the tech workers came from.
Shrimali said: \"People feel that if you work hard enough, that\'s why you succeeded and you have this great job and you can live in this great place.
But she and her husband are also working hard and they are still struggling, she said.
\"If we don\'t have rental control, we can\'t live here any more,\" she said . \".
\"What I think is missing is the feeling that everyone should have a chance. \"Sarah-
Jane Morris is walking his dog in the same block.
She also works in the tech industry and is relatively new to San Francisco.
She said she knew she was from a privileged position and felt guilty about it.
\"I moved to the city because I felt that it was still a vibrant community that took in all sorts of people,\" she said . \".
\"So, if I can get involved in the ways and actions that help solve bigger problems and give back to this awesome city, then I \'d love to know more.
But even she could not survive the high cost of living in the city, Morris said.
\"I\'m actually moving to a slightly cheaper community,\" she said . \".
She has lived in the prosperous mission area for more than a year and cannot afford to live.
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