inquest into garda car collision death

by:YEROO     2019-10-10
Dublin City Coroner\'s Court heard conflicting evidence from witnesses about the speed at which a garda patrol car was traveling last year when the clonske crashed into a bus shelter.
Mary Sivers, 74, was standing at the bus stop and died in a hospital three weeks later in a car accident.
A witness told the court that he observed that the garda car was traveling at 31 miles to 37 miles per hour when turning.
However, this evidence contradicts the claims of several other witnesses who say the car is traveling much faster than the speed limit.
Three drivers said they had to turn to avoid being hit by a runaway garda car.
The independent engineering witness will provide evidence that the tread of the rear tire of the garda car involved in the collision is 66% lower than the suggested level, although it was repaired four weeks ago.
The court also heard how the confusion over the address of the Gardy emergency call resulted in the car involved in the accident traveling on the road to the clonskeroad.
The investigation has now been postponed to 27.
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