Intelligent bicycle service pavilion tent new functionality is riding

by:YEROO     2020-03-19
Road stadium in hangzhou zhejiang university imperial Bi communities across 2254 public bicycle service point, suddenly appeared a & other; Super smart bus shelter & throughout; — — Not only can query the public bicycle rent still record, can also selling food and beverage, 24 hours support bank transfer, phone, games, prepaid phone, buy the ticket, etc. , function is very powerful. All & other; Intelligence agencies & throughout; All integration & other; Mosaic & throughout; In the pavilion. Put a total of 108 samples of food and drinks in the vending machine is in the majority, and cookies, candy, snacks such as sausages. 1 yuan a pack of tissue; The farmer mountain spring and wahaha mineral water 2 yuan a bottle & hellip; … All food in no more than 10 yuan, accept COINS and 10 yuan, 5 yuan, 1 yuan notes. Business intelligence terminal system of touch screen, display year, month, day and time, and this year and next, after the three days of the weather. I ordered a touch screen and other; The main menu & throughout; , there was a self-help shopping, phone, credit CARDS, balance inquiries, ticket booking, but the 6 ICONS. All can use. A young man in the blue jacket came and pulled out the icbc card and a plug into the machine, follow the instructions onscreen lost a few number, text messaging on mobile phones rang after 1 minute, top-up 50 yuan. This is a new generation of intelligent bus service pavilion, to hangzhou has installed six yesterday. Five others were placed in the way of the ancient road and Renaissance, which can be normal use. Public bicycle company, said the six service kiosk is experimental, to see if function, structure, circuit, rainy days will leak, etc. Try out a period of time no problem, will continue to drop, the first program on the 200. If a new generation of bus service pavilion citizens welcome, the next two to three years, built in 2000 - will try to 3000, forming around the hangzhou & other; Throughout transit point & wisdom; The network.
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