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Intelligent integrated city, outdoor advertising display is essential


Nowadays, the society is developing very rapidly, and various facilities for leisure, entertainment, catering and food are everywhere. As a result, the market competition is very fierce. It is difficult to attract the attention of consumers only by traditional publicity channels. In this context, many advertisers have set their sights on using Internet technology and outdoor advertising display terminals and other software and hardware terminal devices to break the deadlock.

For consumers, they can quickly obtain practical information such as business addresses, discounts, etc. through the outdoor advertising display terminal, so that they can plan their shopping routes reasonably and save shopping time. In your spare time, you can watch video programs or even play games on the advertising display machine to spend a good leisure time.

Especially during holidays, the commercial space, as the main place for people's leisure consumption, will inevitably attract a large number of consumers to stay, which leads to the entire commercial space and even the surrounding areas being overcrowded. In order to ensure the comfort of the shopping environment, the management unit can also use outdoor advertising display terminals distributed around the mall space and in eye-catching indoor locations to play safety reminders and display crowded areas to guide consumers to plan shopping reasonably Activity route to achieve the purpose of improving shopping experience in the mall.


In addition, since urban commercial complexes are usually equipped with large parking lots, the intelligent parking guidance system based on outdoor highlight advertising machines can provide parking lot vacancy distribution, reminders of parking precautions, and even complete parking fees on behalf of staff. , Which not only provides customers with an intelligent parking service experience, but also saves the labor cost of the operating unit!

It is reported that due to the huge role of outdoor advertising display terminals in commercial space and other fields, it is sought after by many commercial space operators. It is worth mentioning that since different urban commercial complexes have their own space design concepts and customer service concepts, in order to maximize the value of the introduced intelligent display system, they usually tend to customize exclusive outdoor advertising display terminal solutions .

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