Intelligent toll booths which is integrated in the system?

by:YEROO     2020-03-21
Intelligent toll booths through advanced technology to integrate the various function, including the entrance guard system, air system, lighting control system, automatic doors and Windows system, intelligent monitoring and intelligent air conditioning, etc. , these functions can be achieved through the panel localization operation, also can through the phone app, fully realize the intellectualized, let the toll booths to become more comfortable and energy conservation, environmental protection, health has greatly changed the cashier work environment. Intelligent entrance guard system, entrance guard, passwords, credit card way advanced security. Or mobile phone remote control. Fresh air system: add & other; The wind pattern & throughout; , gently press the trigger, new fan and the air curtain machine automatically open, to build in the pavilion clean high in the fresh air of the anion. Support local control panel and remote control of the mobile phone APP, can real-time display the data of the indoor environment, through the temperature and humidity, air quality data timely open humidifier, air conditioner, air purifier, etc. , to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor environment. At the same time also can through the app data to adjust the opening and closing of curtains, lighting, illumination to ensure indoor bright and relaxed. Intelligent lighting control system: intelligent lighting control system USES wireless technology, does not need wiring. Support the panel directly operation and mobile app remotely. Smart app can edit and add a common scenario, a key switch, only need to touch a button can generate a pre-set lighting effect. Support voice control at the same time, press any of the volume button to activate. Automatic doors and Windows system: charge integrates automatic Windows, window and wall in the window the wind screen, can be effective segmentation pavilion with outside air. 。 Support local control panel window, also can realize remote control cell phone app, convenient and flexible. Intelligent monitoring system, remote real-time monitor app, yuntai rotation, no dead Angle view, 200 w camera remote capture, video, and support the phone app, PC to check the video and photos. Modular control panel, easy to operate the perceptual. Intelligent air conditioning control system: support air conditioning panel/infrared remote control remote control/app, can remote any set air conditioning mode, air volume, temperature, etc. Timing function, can set the on/off time of air conditioning equipment, and can automatically perform the final closing operation, put an end to happen overnight idling condition, the greatest degree of save energy source.
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