Introduce the materials they need to make their mosquito lamp box

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Life let's common light boxes in urban bus light boxes, community, etc. , mosquito lamp box is also more and more now. Mosquito lamp box is not only able to confuse mosquitoes and have the effect of the mosquito, and also can add a few foil for village, let living more costumes, the pleasant living environment improvement. In order to prevent mosquito bites and the spread of bacteria, people tried to kill mosquitoes, but what way is both environmental protection and public welfare, is both simple and beautiful, of course can't forget the mosquito lamp box. Because the mosquito lamp box it chooses the performance of the special physical mosquito, its manufacturing process control more complicated. Mosquito lamp box it not only ensure the inhabitants' welfare, and also can broadcast some health concept and health knowledge, like the people can say it's a good equipment to kill two birds with one stone. Both have played an important role in out the mosquitoes at night, for the city added a color of night. Usually light box manufacturing according to the requirement of the manufacturing people come, the choice of color, light box, patterns and specifications of intrusive, it chooses the shell raw material is galvanized steel plate, cold plate, stainless steel raw materials, such as panel materials have toughened glass plate, acrylic, PC endurance. Surface treatment needs painting, painting, electrostatic powder spray, electroplating. Light box Settings can be divided into ZouDian switch, switch, rolling system, the internal light source, are available with voice system. When manufacturing might as well choose the effect of rolling in painting is, give a person visual impact, specifications of the specifications of the intrusive in the village often not too big, like a highway near the city bus light boxes, outdoor landscape light boxes and other specifications is relatively larger. Light box panel selection is also a very important hub, there are three common light box panels, and conventional PC panel connected to advertising panel, because of its good transparency contrast, advertising content visible, energy conservation, environmental protection, reciprocal, easy clean is very simple. And tempered glass panel is a common, we can live it on the cheek hard, also used for light box panel. Within the selected light box set hour light source selection and ZouDian switch selection is particularly urgent, is one of the problems that should be attention when making light boxes. Process of development of light boxes, light box category has been constantly increased, such as rotation, blister, miniature, convex word box also appears in public view. When creating a mosquito lamp box also needs research what light box is both economical and applicable and can play its biggest advantages.
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