Introduction to the advantages of outdoor advertising light boxes

by:YEROO     2020-02-28
What are the advantages of outdoor advertising light boxes? Most customers know that outdoor light box billboards are common forms of advertising. In the streets and alleys of the city, whether day or night, you can see outdoor light box billboards standing on the streets, regardless of whether people are there or not, whether the storefront is open or not, it is always advertised there. The following Foshan advertising light box manufacturers will interpret some advantages of outdoor advertising light boxes for you: 1. Size, location and impact. The ancient way of setting up giant billboards in public places has gone through thousands of years of practice, which shows its effectiveness in transmitting information and expanding influence. A giant billboard set up in a prime location is a must for any company that wants to establish a lasting brand image. Its directness and simplicity are enough to charm big advertisers all over the world. Many well-known outdoor billboards, perhaps because of their persistence and prominence, have become famous signs in this area. People may turn a blind eye to Street buildings, however, these giant billboards alone are unforgettable for a long time. 2, full time. Many outdoor media are released consistently and 24 hours a day. They stand there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which makes it easier for the audience to see and easily see it, so it lasts forever with the needs of customers. 3. High creation frequency. Through strategic media arrangement and distribution, outdoor advertising can create ideal arrival rate and frequency. 4. The attention of the marching crowd is high. People today spend more time on their way to work or going out than before. Since 1970, people's daily transportation opportunities have increased by 110%, and the number of vehicles on the road has also increased by 147%. For many people, the only media they can see are light boxes, bus shelters and spot light billboards on the roadside when traffic jams. According to experts studying consumer behavior, outdoor media are among many media, it is closest to the place where products are sold, that is to say, this media is the 'last hint' before consumers are about to shop. 5. Time allocation is favorable. The trend of social activities is also beneficial to outdoor media advertising. The survey shows that consumers stay at home less than before. At the same time, TV, cable communication, magazines, newspapers, books and the Internet all scramble to rob consumers of this period at home, obviously, the effect of these indoor media has been weakened than before. 6. The target audience is highly targeted. By choosing the right time and place and using the right outdoor media, you can reach almost every level of the crowd in an ideal range. With a little skill, your advertising information can be perfectly matched with the pace of life of your audience. 7, the cost of thousands of people is low. Outdoor media is probably the most valuable mass media. Although its price is different, its cost of thousands of people (That is, the media fee per one thousand audiences) Compared with other media, it is very low, and customers ultimately look at the cost and communication effect of thousands of people. 8, various forms, creative unlimited. Since the wall poster began, outdoor advertising has changed greatly in form, with more than dozens of forms. You can definitely find a suitable way to deliver advertising messages to the audience. Outdoor advertising can push creativity to the extreme: use image, text, voice, three-dimensional objects, motion, sound effects, surrounding environment and high-tech technology to enjoy the endless creative space. 9. Fresh colors, light and magic light up the living space. One thing has to be mentioned, let's think about the Bund in Chongqing. The night colored by outdoor neon lights drew a clear outline for the city, and those who realized their dreams also decorated others' dreams at the same time. Because of it, there is all the inspiration, there is a miracle, there is today's infinite wonder applause and yearning. All this is the motive force of outdoor advertising. The advantages of outdoor advertising light boxes are introduced as the above points. As a professional light box manufacturer, we are eager to serve every new and old customer. Welcome to inquire!
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