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Introduction to the application advantages of outdoor LCD screen advertising player


The application of outdoor advertising display can be said to be a breakthrough in the advertising application industry, because advertising playback is no longer only visible on TV or on computers, on advertising machines beside or inside elevators, on advertising machines in buildings, on shopping malls. Advertising machine and so on. However, some people do not understand the playback management of the advertising machine. The following Leopard Xiaobian will come to answer for you - how to make the playback management of the advertising machine convenient and fast.

Since the currently applied advertising LCD screen displays are mainly divided into two categories: stand-alone advertising displays and networked advertising displays, this determines that there is a certain difference in the management of the advertising players The playback management of the stand-alone advertising players should be changed to the on-site online store, and the networked advertising player can realize remote control management, which greatly saves time and improves work efficiency.

In general, to improve the playback management speed of the networked advertising player, it needs to be pre-arranged, and then remotely broadcast, replace, insert and so on. This is like a remote control computer. Just click on the corresponding operation item and the labor cost is almost zero.

Therefore, in general, if you want to improve the efficiency of the playback management of the advertising machine, it is better to use a networked advertising player, which will be more convenient and faster.

YEROO-Introduction to the application advantages of outdoor LCD screen advertising player

Outdoor advertising player, it has a beautiful appearance, the mirror surface of tempered glass, the outer frame of aluminum material, it is really "temperament". In practical applications, the wall-mounted advertising player has the advantages of energy consumption, stable operation for a long time, and wide viewing angle, and can basically realize the round-the-clock rotation function, so that the advertising effect is more. The highly compatible playback function enables video or flash animations of various formats to be displayed for optimal playback.

With the development of advertising player technology, today's wall-mounted advertising player can be installed horizontally and vertically, so that space is no longer a factor limiting installation; plus today's advertising player has a network version in addition to the stand-alone version, the online version can be realized Remote control reduces the effort of manual network operations and improves work efficiency.

The characteristic advantage of the outdoor advertising player in practical application makes it able to “ride” in various major industries and become a highlight of advertising.

Generally, outdoor advertising player are mostly used in public places. If the voltage is unstable, there will be a splash screen or snow on the screen, which may cause damage to the advertising equipment (internal parts).

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