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Introduction to the design, installation and installation process of bus shelters


Whether in any city, the bus shelter is a common public transport facility. These bus shelters provide people with a good waiting experience not only because of their rich functions, but also because of the production strength, production technology and installation of the shelter manufacturers. experience. The following is a brief introduction to the production process of bus shelters for bus shelters with strong manufacturers:


1. Design of the shelter

If you want to ensure a good experience in the later use of the shelter, you must first pay attention to the design and customization of the shelter. Different cities have different climates and positioning. Therefore, basically each city's bus station needs to be tailored before it can be created. People are satisfied with the product.

2. Choose the production material according to the function of the shelter and the region of use

The functional requirements of the shelters in different regions are naturally different. The basic functions are the waiting sign and benches, and the functions expanded on this basis are determined according to the budget and usage. Like many big cities are on bus shelters An interactive screen is installed, so that it is very convenient to know the specific driving status of the bus while waiting for the bus.

3. The installation and commissioning of the shelter is put into operation

The design, production and installation process of the shelter is usually to first customize a bus station according to the drawings, and then select the trial operation point for installation and commissioning. In this way, you can also see how it is used according to the actual operation, and then make batch production after making sure that it is correct, and The installation and commissioning of the platform and post-maintenance will affect its experience, so you must pay attention to these. The installation of the shelter includes the embedded parts of the foundation, the fixed base of the shelter, the installation of the main body of the shelter, the commissioning of the shelter, acceptance and operation.

The above is about the general process of making the shelter, and it can be seen that it is a basic requirement to make shelters according to local conditions and use requirements. After meeting these production requirements, you can add more elements to the design according to regional culture to increase the waiting time. Pavilion beauty.

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