Introduction to the production of anti-corrosion signs in commercial spirit fortress

by:YEROO     2020-02-27
There are many types of anti-corrosion signboards and stainless steel signboards, and the industries used are very common. Its processing technology can not only make signboards of various styles, but also make some exquisite works of art. Foshan Yilong simply introduced to you the steps of making anti-corrosion signboards. First, we should make some preparations in advance: a, special tools/raw materials B, aluminum alloy plates, thick steel plates, titanium plates, stainless steel plate, etc. c, automatic cutting machine, frustration knife, hair dryer d, erosion tap water e, method/process 1, board selection to prevent corrosion signs the plastic plates used to make signs are: copper coins, stainless steel plates, titanium plates and so on, each plastic plate has different characteristics, and can choose suitable plate talents for different design styles of signboards. Stainless steel plate has the advantage of rust resistance and is a common board talent in making stainless steel signs. Nowadays, people use a thickness of 0. 4mm. 2. Cutting and edge pressing according to the specifications of the design scheme, put a few millimeters of capacity on each side of the selected stainless steel plate, make identification points, and carry out cutting, the four corners of the cut stainless steel plate therefore have burrs. You have to file it off with a thump knife. After filing, use your hands to finish, and the edges will be bright and clean. 3. Remove the signs of oil stains and corrosion after putting the stainless steel plate into cold water and getting wet, put some detergent on the surface, and clean the oil stains on the surface of the stainless steel plate three to four times with the washed cloth, then soak in cold water and wash the surface of the stainless steel plate, so it is not easy to endanger the smooth development of the subsequent process. 4. Dry the residual water drops on the surface of the cleaned stainless steel plate with an electric hair dryer without leaving any water marks. 5. Etching process the key to making stainless steel plate signboards is to select the etching process. 6. Surface Maintenance a, coating anti-corrosion photosensitive ink B, and making air-dried signboards. The raw materials to be made should be selected. The processing techniques and processes selected according to different raw materials are different.
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