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Introduction to the surface treatment method of bus shelters


In the production and manufacture of  bus shelter, besides some rigid requirements on the thickness of plates, the manufacturing technology of bus shelters is also the most important. So when some customers choose the bus shelter, they will simply pay attention to the price, which is not the right way to choose the bus shelter.

The exterior of the bus shelter is exterior, which can be seen at first sight and is also the most concerned link. Therefore, the surface treatment technology of the bus shelter should be very careful.

YEROO-Introduction to the surface treatment method of bus shelters

At present, the surface treatment of  bus shelter can be roughly divided into two categories:

1. Fluorocarbon paint spraying and 

2. Electrostatic spraying. 

The price difference between the two types of technology is large, which adds an obstacle to customers who do not know the bus shelter. Fluorocarbon paint has a high price, but it has a long life, low light decay and easy maintenance. Spraying process is low in price, but complicated in maintenance. It is difficult to remedy the spray-moulded products after removing the paint during use.

Foshan YEROO Advertising Engineering Co., Ltd. has been using fluorocarbon paint spraying process in order to improve the service life of products. Although the price is high, it can save later maintenance costs for customers in the actual use process. The surface of YEROO bus shelter is sprayed with three layers of fluorocarbon paint: primer, mid-coat and topcoat, and baked in a high temperature oven to improve the adhesion of the paint.

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