invention: graffiti warning system

by:YEROO     2019-11-04
Justin mullinpett.
Often, graffiti-based graffiti can be removed relatively easily from buildings, bus shelters and other street furniture.
However, graffiti like Perspex that is scratched to the surface is more difficult to deal with, and it usually takes a lot of cost to replace the entire surface.
So Seng Tan and colleagues at the Curtin Polytechnic University in Perth, Australia have developed a device that can be heard when graffiti is carved onto the surface.
A set of microphones connected to the surface is connected to a computer program trained to distinguish between background noise and discrimination-
The story signature of graffiti scratches.
When the computer finds signs of vandalism during the operation, it triggers an alarm, scares away the perpetrators and calls the authorities for an investigation.
Read the complete patent application for graffiti deterrence.
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