ird begins new \'cashie\' crackdown campaign

by:YEROO     2019-09-29
The tax bureau has launched a new advertising campaign to warn businessmen that cash jobs can be tracked.
The tax office last year found $159 in unpaid taxes from cash work and \"hidden economy,\" and said the information would appear online and around Auckland, wellington and Christchurch in bus shelters and other outdoor advertisements.
Andrew Stott, manager of the revenue agency\'s marketing and communications group, said a large part of the cash job is in the pipeline, construction and electrical industries.
\"There is a misconception that the work flies under the radar of the tax office, but the undeclared income leaves a mark, and it is easy to find when looking for violations in tradie\'s book.
He said: \"You put yourself in a difficult situation when you accept these jobs, so the best advice is to record everything, declare every dollar, and make sure you do it if needed
About some people are prepared to pay for a trailer in cash, while only 35 people were willing to pay six years ago, IRD said.
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