is a new war on cops erupting in america?

by:YEROO     2019-09-12
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In the recent attacks on law enforcement officials, police rhetoric became the focus. Michelle field: There is a war going on in our streets against those who risk their lives to protect us.
What is happening is that a lot of police feel they can\'t do their job.
They did not consider the problem at hand;
Instead, they\'re thinking, \"What will this look like on Twitter?
What will this look like on the news?
Because that\'s how it became.
Without people constantly criticizing the way they handle their work, they can\'t get the job done.
This is also bad in terms of their dangers.
We\'re talking about a war against these people.
People don\'t respect them.
We must remember that these people risked their lives and made sacrifices to protect their communities for them and their families.
Wayne Rogers: It\'s a war about authority.
Somehow, we have developed.
I don\'t know how-
This hostility to authority, to the police, to school teachers, to those in power in this country.
Now I understand this in the black community, because 70% of black children were born unmarried.
They did not have the image of a father, nor did anyone discipline them.
I can understand.
Otherwise I can\'t understand.
When we think of such a thing, the media will feel guilty about it.
Like Peggy Hubbard.
People don\'t talk about her.
Do you know who Peggy Hubbard is?
No one here knows.
She\'s the mother of six children. year-
The old man who was shot at random in Chicago last week
It\'s terrible.
Jessica tarov: Peggy Hubbard, in addition to the great tragedy she suffered, raised an important question, that is, black people --on-black crime.
This is the sport I think black life is important.
This has important information for criminal justice reform of this nature --
Nor did they talk about black people. on-
Black crime is much more violent than police.
I know Juan has been talking about this, about how black people\'s lives affect the movement, how to use the information that makes them wider, and about systemic poverty, the entire experience of black people in the United States, the need for education reform.
Juan Williams: It\'s a fiction.
I don\'t even know where to start.
Some protesters in New York say they want dead police because they are under siege on the relationship between the New York police and minority communities and some of the crazy people they want, and there is no connection between the two to kill the police.
Jonathan Hogg: this is the next step for the angry, violent left.
After 90 s is the Liberation Front of the earth;
They are against industry.
In the 2000 s, it was recently the Occupy movement against capitalism.
If you want to say that, I think the movement is against civil society.
This is the case with the police;
They keep us safe.
I think they describe all the police, even the whole society, as illegal, racist, immoral.
I really believe that their goal is anarchy.
Labor Day debate: the union launched a new offensive at the lowest price of $15 an hour
Food prices, housing prices, stock prices and labor prices . . . . . . Wages.
They are not based on a whim, they are not based on feelings;
They didn\'t take it out of the hat.
They are actually based on economic reality.
80 years ago, the Labor Department knew this: the higher you raise the minimum wage, the lower it is.
The technical work you destroyed
What is that?
This is discriminatory against people who have just entered the labor market.
It killed themselves. esteem;
This kills their ability to upgrade their skills on the economic ladder.
Juan Williams: By the way, Eric, are you paying for that billboard, or are you paying for big businesses across the US?
Sometimes, if you go out at four o\'clock A. M. in the middle of the night, you will see these little old ladies at the bus shelter --
They are going to work, they don\'t have much money, they need to feed people.
It seems to me that these people deserve a very basic minimum wage.
It can vary from region to region.
Michelle Fields: we know what happens when you raise the minimum wage;
The Enterprise responds by layoffs, layoffs, and ultimately hurts the little old lady you said.
If you were a business owner, you wouldn\'t have a little old lady.
You\'re hiring the person with a master\'s degree.
Jessica tarov: Jonathan made a very good point that we wouldn\'t invent these numbers anywhere.
The minimum wage of $15 is the problem.
It will be an astronomical leap.
But we don\'t have economists saying that the city has tried if we reach $10.
$10 or $12 per hour will not hurt work or employment.
3 of the 5 small business owners like this.
70% of Americans like it.
Wayne Rogers: It\'s simple.
You can bargain in the free market system.
You bargain for food, housing and labor in the same way.
A person who operates numbers
Machines controlled by computers do not get the same salary as sweeping people.
You just can\'t afford it.
So you can\'t make everyone equal.
You pay by skill level
Skill levels need to be paid.
Report: professors threaten to say bad grades because they say \"illegal\", \"male\" or \"female\" Juan Williams: this is where the people on your right have a lot of importance.
It is wrong to try to restrict people from having honest debates.
Michelle Fields: these professors believe in diversity in terms of color, but do not believe in diversity in terms of opinion diversity.
This is a common phenomenon.
Most professors are not outspoken about their bias, but they will certainly bring bad grades to students who do not obey the PC police.
Jessica tarov: I totally agree with Juan and Michelle.
I\'m just curious about what we should say, not \"male\" and \"female \".
\"Illegal\" as I understand it \";
We can say \"without a license \".
Jonathan fogger: all the bad things about today\'s culture stem from the philosophy and philosophy of American university professors.
These universities take white privilege as a carrier and don\'t let you say \"he\" or \"She\", which are combined with this \"gender-free\" cause and they hate capitalism every time.
This is the university today.
I just agree with what Jonathan said just now. It’s simple.
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