it’s time for the ttc to allow two-hour fares

by:YEROO     2019-10-09
Imagine being able to travel on TTC for two hours, get off the ground as you like, and pay only one fare.
Two people-
Hourly fares and transit passengers have been hoping for this.
We wanted to do this when we passed the pharmacy, but don\'t get off the bus because we didn\'t want to pay a $3 surcharge on our way home to get the medicine.
When we realized that our connecting bus would not come in 15 minutes, we hoped so, and therefore, we were crammed into the bus shelters, because our transfer is ineffective if we walk along the route to get exercise or keep warm.
When we took the child to school, we wanted it to turn around immediately and pay another TTC fee to go to work.
Transit riders understand the second value-hour fares.
This is for convenience, fairness and money saving.
TTC understands this as well.
TTC released a report on Friday advising town hall to find money to pay twohour fares.
This report shares why the two of them
Hourly fares are a smart policy move, as PRESTO can easily calculate time, making it easier for PRESTO to roll out
Based on the fare policy but struggling with TTC\'s transfer system to help low
Income riders who use cash and tokens heavily attract new riders to TTC.
The last reason is very important. Here’s why.
After 10 years of record passenger growth, TTC is now losing its passengers and there is an urgent need to attract new passengers.
When passengers leave TTC, they carry their fare income with them, which creates a budget shortfall and is usually addressed by cutting service, hiking fares, or both.
This prompted more passengers to leave, making the problem worse. Two-
The hourly fare will help TTC brake in this downward spiral race.
Politicians like to brag about how their pet transport plan will attract new riders.
The Liberal government has just announced a new cooperation plan.
Provide a $1 fare system for passengers traveling between GO, UPX and TTC.
50 discount for the second ride.
The plan will attract about 1,000 new passengers a day, costing $18 million a year.
In terms of value for money, the new two-
The hourly fare policy hit this cooperation.
Fare arrangement for leaving the water. Two-
Hourly fares will be at about the same cost per year, attracting about 20,000 new rides per day or 5 million new trips per year.
20 times better. That’s why two-
Hourly fares are part of TTC\'s long-delayed passenger growth strategy.
TTC\'s plan contains other ideas.
Very effective rider
Recruitment measures, such as $13.
The 1 million expansion of the fast bus service will save passengers time and attract 4,000 new rides per day.
The riders are still waiting for that. While two-
The hourly fare is the winner and there are some flaws in the proposed rollout.
We question why Metrolinx, the supervisor at PRESTO, told TTC that it would take nine months to introduce two months and an additional $5 million.
Hourly fare for Presto.
Considering that two methods have been used in other cities of GTHA, it seems like it takes a long wait
Hourly fare policy for PRESTO.
How hard is this?
We also question why TTC only recommends off-
Peak service improvements that meet passenger increases.
TTC also needs to add service during peak hours, so sardines for TTC-
The problem of overcrowding will not deteriorate.
TTC ridership data showed that one quarter of TTC\'s bus and tram routes violated the standards of overcrowding, resulting in frustration, anger and delay.
The answer is the City Council\'s fair funding of TTC in order to improve services at any time.
The TTC committee will vote on the two proposals.
Hourly fare on Tuesday
The city council will be given a final say in February.
Considering two-
The hourly fare policy is clearly good for transit passengers, good for TTC, and good for Toronto, and we think the City Council should address these issues and vote in favor.
Jessica Bell is a partner.
Founder of the TTCriders transit advocacy group.
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