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by:YEROO     2019-09-20
Chennai: The Madras High Court may have ruled on illegal political enclosure and digital banners, but many of these buildings were Tuesday on the eve of the second anniversary of the death of Kamarajar Salai and former chief minister of Wallajah, jayalitaya.
Before the Centennial Building of Madras University in Kamarajar Salai, huge banners almost completely blocked the bus shelters, forcing commuters to hit the road.
While there are some lined sidewalks on Wallajah Road, other sidewalks are posted at important intersections along Anna Sarai and at taffic signals, violating the norm.
Many of the former AIADMK supremo\'s life-size photos at the time of the arterial extension have hindered traffic and posed a huge risk, said the driver.
On November 29, a judge, M. Sathyanarayanan and P. Rajamanickam, heard PIL on the paddock prepared for the manager\'s centennial celebration, telling daqinai that sponsors and people would appear on the banner if they violated the rules.
On Monday, the number of applications received by the Court and No.
Proof of objection (NOCs)
The banners were issued by the company and the police.
But such a warning has little effect.
When we give permission to 100 hotels, the number of political hotels actually built is always much higher.
Also, they never printed the license number, validity period, and printer name despite instructions.
A company official said we even complained to the police several times but did not take any action.
Company officials say the company\'s revenue department allows the installation of 120 paid billboards per year.
These digital banners are temporary structures approved by the deputy regional commissioner for up to six days in the area in question.
Senior police officers say there are 134 stations in the city, with an average of 20 stations licensed per day.
The former mayor, M. subamanian, said the government had neither complied with the norms nor the orders.
He said the problem could not be solved unless those hanging banners were brought to the books.
K. R. trafftraffi Ramasamy, a social activist who filed a PIL lawsuit against illegal hoarding, said he wanted a full ban on political hoarding.
Not only bureaucrats, he said, but even those who set them up should be punished.
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