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Q1 2019 -
2019-Paris Business Review, May 14JCDecaux SA (
Pan-European exchange in Paris: December)
The world\'s number one outdoor advertising company today announced three monthly income as of March31 st 2019.
2019 in the first quarter: oAsia won business contracts-
On January, Degao announced MCDecaux, its Japanese subsidiary (JCDecaux: 85%;
Mitsubishi commercial: 15%)
Win digital advertising deals for Kansai Airport 10-10year contract.
On January, Degao announced that his Dutch subsidiary, Dutch Degao, had won the new 11 years (8+3)
After competitive bidding, the exclusive contract for all analog and digital advertising street furniture in Rotterdam.
On February, JCDecaux announced that the Spanish subsidiary had won 15-
One-year simulation and digital advertising street furniture contract in Bilbao city (
Population 346,332.
On February, JCDecaux announced that it had obtained 8-
A column in Paris and an annual service charter contract showing the flagpole.
, JCDecaux announced that it has launched smart and digital street furniture in 34 cities in Hautsde-Seine (
Total population: about 1 person. 6 million)
Under a new exclusive contract with the department council.
On February, JCDecaux announced that after competitive bidding, it had signed a bus waiting booth advertising contract for London\'s Camden district, covering most of central London, including Google, St. headquarters in the UK.
Pancras International (
Eurostar station)
And the British Museum
Other activities oGroupIn announced the launch of air-to-air missiles by Degao on February (
Audience measurement at the airport)
The first international audience measurement system in the airport industry.
On February, JCDecaux announced two appointments under its internal promotion policy.
Effective March 1, 2019.
Jerome de Ray was appointed Director of Group M & A and development.
Caroline Burtin was appointed deputy director of Group M & A and development.
On January, JCDecaux announced that Hannelore Majoor was appointed to the CEOfor of the Netherlands, JCDecaux, a subsidiary of the Netherlands.
On January, oFranceIn and Degao announced the following publication of ANFR (
National Frequency Agency)
Report for December 2018
Show the relevance of small units installed on JCDecaux Street furniture-
In 2019, the group will support French telecom operators to launch small cellular networks in about 10 French cities.
To this end, it will take advantage of the expertise gained from pilot projects with these operators in France since 2016.
On January, JCDecaux announced that JCDecaux UK has strengthened its senior leadership team while continuing its digital transformation business.
Spencer Bowen and Philip Thomas quit their role together.
At the end of March 2019, CEOsat will
Executive director reporting directly to JeanFrancois Deco
Promoted to two senior JCDecaux managers, Chris Collins, general manager of its rail and retail division, and Dallas Wiles.
Ceo of Germany.
At, JCDecaux announced that its subsidiary, UK decaux UK, won the second place in the supplier category in the prestigious \"best environmental sustainability program\" award, at the Sedex conference in London on March 26
First quarter 2019 and outlook after the adoption of IFRS 11 in January 1, 2014, the operational data listed below were adjusted to include our proportional distribution in co-controlled companies
With regard to the definition of adjustment data and reconciliation with IFRS, please refer to the \"adjustment data\" paragraph on page 3 of this press release.
Adjusted revenue for the first quarter grew by 13. 2019. 1% to €840.
Compared to 0 million euros.
The first quarter of 2018 was 5 million.
Excluding the positive impact of foreign exchange changes and the positive impact of peripheral changes, the adjusted income increased by 5. 4%.
Adjusted advertising revenue (excluding revenue related to sales, leasing and maintenance of street furniture and advertising displays) increased by 5.
Organic growth of 5% in the first quarter of 2019.
Adjusted revenue of 2019 in the first quarter€m)2018 (€m)
Report on organic growth (a)
Transport 3680 293. 5 +25.
+ 14 4%
5% street furniture 344. 3 337. 1 +2.
1% + 0.
8% Billboard 127. 7 111. 9 +14.
6% total 840. 0 742. 5 +13.
1% + 5. 4%a.
Acquisition/divestiture and foreign exchange impact are not included. Please note that the following geographical comments relate to organic revenue growth.
Transportation in the first quarter adjusted revenue growth of 25. 4% to €368. 0million (+14.
5% organic basis). Europe (
Including France and the UK)posted double-digit growth. Asia-
The Pacific and North America have achieved a strong doubledigit growth.
The rest of the world is up.
Street furniture income increased by 2 after adjustment in the first quarter. 1% to €344. 3million (+0.
8% organic basis). Europe (
Including France and the UK)
As the UK has been affected by the recent advertising ban on mrt products, the UK has declined (
High fat, high salt, high sugar products)
Talk about TfL assets in LondonAsia-
The Pacific rose strongly at double prices.
Digital growth driven primarily by Australia.
North America is almost flat.
The rest of the world is up.
Adjusted advertising revenue for the first quarter (excluding income related to street furniture sales, leasing and maintenance) declined --0.
Organic growth was 7% per cent compared to 2018.
Billboard adjusted revenue growth of 14 in the first quarter. 1% to €127. 7million (-4.
6% organic Foundation of onan). Europe (
Including France and the UK)
The rest of the world and North America have collapsed.
Jean-comment on revenue of 2019 in the first quarter
Charles Deko, chairman of the Executive Committee and chairman of the Joint Meeting
\"Our first quarter revenue was 2019 euros,\" said Degao CEO.
0 m, an increase of 13.
It is reported that the 1% gain from APNOutdoor\'s recent acquisition in Australia has increased by + 5.
4% organic Foundation of onan, by on-
Our main assets now represent the digitization of 23.
5% of total revenue.
Strong transport performance, up 14.
5% an organic reflection of a double
Digital revenue growth in China and North America, as well as good sales performance in Europe, is very strong in all regions.
Organic income of street furniture increased by 0.
8% affected by negative European performance, the UK has been affected by the recent advertising ban on the products of the month (
High fat, high salt, high sugar products)
Our digital portfolio continues to grow strongly in London.
Organic revenue decline in Billboard-4.
6% continue to be affected by USgoing multi-
This year plans to reduce our traditional billboard network in the UK and lack integration in some areas, while our digital billboard business continues to grow twice as muchdigit.
In terms of 2019 in the second quarter, we currently expect organic revenue to grow by more than + 4%, especially in France, North America and Australia, with good street furniture growth, although the growth of our China advertising subway business will be affected by a serious slowdown.
In the increasingly fragmented media,of-
Home advertising has enhanced its appeal.
As we reach out faster
Growing the market, our growing portfolio of quality digital products, combined with new data
Targeting the platform, our ability to win new contracts, and the high quality of our teams around the world, we believe that through profitable market share growth, we have the ability to go beyond the advertising market, improve our leadership in the outdoor advertising industry.
The strength of our balance sheet is a key competitive advantage that will enable us to continue to pursue these opportunities when external growth opportunities arise and continue to invest heavily in the digital field.
\"According to the adjusted data of the applicable IFRS 11 in January 1, 2014, the company under joint control uses the equity method to be accounted.
However, in order to reflect the group\'s business realities, the operational data of co-controlled companies will continue to be included proportionally in the operational management report for monitoring activities, allocating resources and measuring performance.
As a result, the divisional reports presented in the financial statements are consistent with the group\'s internal information in accordance with IFRS 8, and therefore, the group\'s external financial communication relies on these operational financial information
Therefore, financial information and comments are based on \"adjusted\" data consistent with historical data prior to 2014, which is consistent with the financial statements of IFRS.
2019 in the first quarter, the impact of IFRS 11 on adjusted income is-€86. 8million (-€84.
5 million in Q12018)
Keep the income of IFRS at 753 euros. 2million (€658.
2018 of Q1 0 million).
Organic growth defines the group\'s organic growth as corresponding to adjusted income growth, excluding foreign exchange effects and peripheral effects.
The reference fiscal year for reporting figures remains the same, organic growth is calculated by converting the revenue for the current fiscal year at the average exchange rate of the previous year and taking into account the peripheral changes in time, however, includes changes in revenue from new contract earnings and loss of contracts previously held in our portfolio.
The adjusted income is 2018 euros (a)742.
2019 income from IFRS (b)753.
2 Influence of IFRS 11 (c)86.
82019 Adjusted income (d)= (b)+ (c)840.
0 monetary impact (e)(13. 1)
2019 income adjusted at the exchange rate of 2018 (f)= (d)+ (e)826.
Change in scope 9 (g)(44. 4)
2019 adjusted organic Income (h)= (f)+ (g)782.
Organic growth (i)= (h)/ (a)+5.
As of March 31, the impact of the currency was 4% euros, $2019.
8HKD month.
8 RMB month.
0BRL (1. 3)
Other 2.
7 Total 13.
1 Average exchange rate Q1 2019 Q1 2018 USD 0. 8805 0.
8135HKD month. 1122 0.
1039RMB month. 1305 0.
1280GBP 1. 1461 1.
1320BRL month. 2338 0.
2507 Forward-Looking Statements This press release may contain some forward-looking statements
Look at the report.
These statements are not a commitment to the company\'s future performance.
Although the Company believes that these statements are based on reasonable expectations and assumptions on the date of this press release, in terms of their nature, they are affected by risks and uncertainties, these risks and uncertainties may result in actual performance being different from those indicated or implied in these statements.
These risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the risk factors described in the annual report registered with French financial institutions in France.
Investors and stock holders of the company may obtain copies of such annual reports by contacting marches financial institutions on their website www. amf-france.
Organize or directly on the company\'s websitejcdecaux. com.
The company has no obligation and no obligation to update or revise any forward-
Look at the report.
Changes in Financial Position income are a major factor affecting operating margins, free cash flow or net debt for the 2019 period in the first quarter. 14-05-
19 Q1 209_business Review_UK_vDEF------------------------------------------------------------------------------
This announcement is distributed by West Corporation on behalf of WestCorporation customers.
The issuer of this announcement warrants that they are fully responsible for the content, accuracy and originality of the information contained therein.
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