kochi: transsexuals attacked by police

by:YEROO     2019-09-17
The incident was reported by local media.
Kerala Police chief Loknath Beherasought released a report from the city\'s police chief on Sunday, saying two transgender people accused them of Valanjambalam in Kochi.
He sought the report after local media highlighted the issue.
Transgender Poorna and Ayesha were taken to the general hospital of Ernakulam after being injured on suspicion of police brutality.
Poorna claims she was attacked last night while waiting for her mother at the bus shelter.
Ayesha arrived at the scene and asked the police, who accused her of police violence as well.
They claim that the police even used verbal abuse when they realized they were transgender.
However, the city police said that part of the police had been deployed in the Valanjambalam area after local people complained about the \"problems\" caused by transgender people at night.
Police said a police officer was attacked during the intervention to prevent them from disturbing the public in the busy area of Valanjambalam.
The city police chief has opened an investigation into the matter, Mr. beherah said.
\"If the police are found guilty, strong action will be taken,\" he said . \".
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