koramangala bus terminal of little use to commuters

by:YEROO     2019-09-02
It has been touted as the largest TTMC for a year, with eight floors and looks pretty deserted.
Traffic and transit Management Centre, Koramangala (TTMC)
It was established at least a year ago but has not yet been opened to the public.
It has been touted as the largest TTMC for a year, with eight floors and looks pretty deserted.
On any day, a visit to the TTMC will see bicycles parked on the platform, pipes leaking from the toilet, elevators with doors not closed and peeled off, and walls leaking from the parking lot.
Perhaps the most surprising thing is that someone is waiting for the bus just outside the complex.
While most TTMCs in the city are an expensive bus shelter, Koramangala one did not even achieve that.
To make matters worse, there is no parking space for the bus due to TTMC.
Muralidhar Rao of Praja RAAG explains, \"since the advent of TTMC, along the roads near the National Games village and nearby areas, the bus stops on the road.
Earlier, they stopped where TTMC is now.
According to MP Prabhudas, Chief Traffic Manager (Operations)
, \"When the bus exits from the left side, they cannot enter the TTMC through the curve due to the channel being too narrow.
Therefore, the bus must exit from the right side and face to face with the bus entering the TTMC, which will lead to traffic jams etc.
Nevertheless, he added, \"the construction of the TTMC falls under the jurisdiction of the chief Traffic Manager (Commercial).
When asked if, when designing the TTMC, there was no research into the aspect of the bus entering the TTMC, Veeregowda GN (Commercial)
He replied that the design of TTMC was conceived at least two years ago, but added that the commercial side of TTMC was good enough.
KR Srinivasa, general manager of BMTC, said, \"the infrastructure work of BMTC is still going on.
It should be done in the next ten to fifteen days.
According to Muralidhar Rao, TTMC is a classic example of a lack of planning for design, architecture or location.
The whole purpose of the TTMC is to provide a transportation center where people can take intra-state and inter-state buses.
This is an exchange point.
But, in the case of City TTMCs like Kormangala, even the bus within the city, even along the route near Koramangala, does not use it! ” he said.
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