law of attraction, synchronicity or just good old fashioned intuition?

by:YEROO     2019-08-24
This is worth it in reading!
Those who read the May newsletter will know that spirit once warned me that I have listened too much to my ipod more than once & eventually I lost my ipod!
Because I didn\'t notice the message. (
For those of you who want to read the whole story, it\'s posted on my blog.
Super Temple. co.
UK & titled \"Walking on the dark side \". )
What happened at that time was incredible, and what happened in my life forced me to listen carefully and take full responsibility.
It was a tough time, filled with emotions from all directions & made myself feel heavy.
But I began to listen carefully. I really listened.
A month later someone said they had my ipod and I got a call!
It\'s like the universe says you \'ve learned the lesson, you \'ve passed, it\'s your reward!
Now I have a lot less time listening to the ipod.
I really didn\'t want to hear it at all at first!
Just like I don\'t care if it\'s missing!
It\'s amazing because I value it so much!
But now I feel like I\'m connected to the spirit & it\'s beautiful, the real sun after the rain, why should I drown it?
But now I feel more balanced, like the pendulum is on one side and the other, and now I can enjoy the beauty of both.
I also started thinking that I would like my website to take off more, maybe enough for me to work in Penzance for a day & I will only go in if I book my room.
I asked a colleague & they said \"you need a SEO \".
I got a quote because I was frustrated with a ridiculous amount of money!
I did my laundry the next morning before Penzance\'s work day & felt bad because I didn\'t leave my laundry at the end of the day! (
Cornwall\'s water bill is the highest in the country, something like a quickgold!
People wash their cars by the natural spring water on the road! )
But I\'m tired of washing my clothes all day & I want to go back to a clean house so I treat myself as the person who did the laundry!
Feel Guilty & worry about how expensive the bill will be! ! !
Knock on the door
Is a person who comes to read the water meter (
It eventually became the cheapest Cornwall bill ever! )
I left the house and walked along the road thinking I wanted a long brown dress, passing by a charity shop, as good as the new one, hanging out was a brown dress exactly the same as I wanted and my size was 1!
I walked along the road and saw our competitors hiring a reader at a cheaper price at the same time.
I don\'t want to fall into fear, poverty awareness and frustration, so I think it\'s time to give up my day & believe it\'s time for the site to take off, some how!
I went to London the next day and stayed with a friend.
The first thing I saw on the table when I arrived was a big book with the words \"D. I.
Search engine optimization-an hour a day. \" Wow!
I said to myself, what do I need!
I\'m confused why my friend owns it because he doesn\'t have a website!
He said he was working on it and was ready to write one, but he couldn\'t hold the book any more now so I could borrow it!
That was three weeks ago & what I want to say is that my site has been through the most prosperous weeks!
Then Michael Jackson. . . Once again.
I was in London, living with a friend, and while sleeping we found out about the King of Pop.
Blessing his soul, this is too sensitive to the exposure of his life, what a wonderful experience.
It\'s too late to call my partner in Cornwall now, because I know I\'ll definitely shed tears when I sleep.
Because someone around me is a huge fan.
So, just after they turned out to be like this six months ago, the Lyric Theater started playing the thriller \"musical\" & I took them to see it, and next, we knew that Michael had come to London for the first time in years!
We paid for the ticket.
Tickets have never arrived.
It feels like it will never happen. . . . .
The week before Michael left the world, they declared that they would cry only when their father, me or Michael Jackson died. . .
We always talk about how good the man is, and now they are worried that they have played an important role in his death.
We had to make some repairs to the old-fashioned good intubation.
I woke up the next morning and found a text message from one of my tarot students saying she couldn\'t share that night, because she managed to buy her daughter a ticket to see Michael that night & then her daughters are a huge fan
I think the last thing I heard was about Michael\'s death, how strange it was & the first thing I saw was the text about what we were going to do. . .
I sent a reply with sad news. . .
I replied that she was referring to Michael Palin!
I sent this a sympathetic text message & went to work, the first thing I saw at the bus shelter was an advertisement, it says \"listen with color when nothing is no longer black and white\" & look down at my feet
It notes \"obtaining proof of posting \"(
Later found out they never received my text and I made sure I didn\'t delete it because of the post)
I started working and read right away & saw clients feel anxious about the change in status with their parents.
I asked her if she was worried about them breaking up.
She told me that one of them had died recently.
I asked her if she was her father.
She confirmed this.
He was there and I could see him & I continued to describe his appearance, his personality and what he was going through.
What impressed me with this soul was his incredible strength and beauty that he could pass at any time of his choice, but he stayed to help bridge his wife and daughter, so they can move forward quickly.
He told me that he would leave in eight weeks.
She said it was eight weeks today.
Along the way, I had Michael\'s name in my head.
Finally, I told her about it, but I said I don\'t know if it was because Michael Jackson had just died. . .
She told me his name was Michael.
Meanwhile, I shared a room with two colleagues and was reading for Michael and Michael! A week later (
Just past Friday)
Exactly as read above, a lady came to see me and she was worried about the sadness that her loved one experienced because of her loss.
Once again, I seem to be asking if it\'s their father.
I passed the Red Cross as soon as I got it & as if everything was slowing down.
I look at her & the feeling comes to me in my heart & I think \"Oh God, this is Michael Jackson\" I look at her and take a deep breath & all I see is her lips, like slow motion, she said \"this is Michael Jackson \".
It turns out that her partner is his \"bad\" sexual partner & teaches him to walk on the Moon & has been his good friend since then.
I was conquered by so many emotions that I found it hard to go on, but thankfully it was coming to an end anyway.
I walked to land it.
I want to know why.
Maybe I need to pay more attention to the \"color listening\" My family is going through, but when I get home I\'m glad she\'s happy again.
Now O2 seems to be holding my money all the time saying they want the ticket as proof but they never send it to me!
The next day, when Madonna\'s PR guy was released at O2, I ended up reading for her!
It seems like I\'m getting my money back from them in one way or another!
What the hell is this?
These days it may be hard to say what we are manifesting, what is synchronous, what is the Law of Attraction & what is pure old-fashioned intuition.
It looks like the ipod stuff is in sync.
Do you have an intuition about me losing it, or do I show it?
Did I also show it to myself on the law of attraction, or is this synced?
The same is true for the following topics: * water fee * skirt * seo * work change * website upgrade * MichaelI will make you think. . .
But before I mention that this is important, all the discussions about manifestation are going on these days and don\'t forget or stop listening to old-fashioned intuition. . . .
Now is the time to listen to God more than your ipod!
There\'s a month of adjustment!
All the best.
Super Temple. co.
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