leicester city council in legal action over bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-10-12
An advertising company filed a legal claim of £ 2 against the bus shelter in Leicester city council.
JC Decaux claimed that another company had obtained a contract to replace and maintain the bus shelters in the city.
It said that the authority passed the implementation of the \"illegal revision and
Bidding negotiations \".
However, the Commission stated that the claim was untrue and that the procurement process had not yet been completed.
Local bureau of democratic reporting (LDRS)
It is reported that more than 500 bus shelters in the city may be demolished and replaced due to contract changes.
The city council said at the time that it was \"currently in the process of purchasing to replace the bus shelters in the previous contract with JC Decaux \".
LDRS stated that JC Decaux has now filed a claim with the high court for \"recovery of more than 2 GBP \".
A parliamentary spokesman said: \"JC Decaux is questioning the award of the bus shelter contract to the other party.
\"However, the process is not over and no contract has been signed.
The council is responding to this request.
\"Terry Kirby, of the transport improvement movement, said the dispute was\" in chaos \".
\"As far as we know, 123 bus shelters will not be replaced,\" he said . \".
\"It means that some communities will not have any bus stops.
This is the difference between people who use public transport and those who do not use public transport.
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