lethbridge transit anti-abortion ads to be pulled

by:YEROO     2019-09-28
The city of Lethbridge, south of albertalis, has sparked controversy
Advertisements for abortion on buses, bus shelters and benches.
Ads from a group called Lethbridge and regional Pro
Pictures of the fetus appear in life, which says \"babies before birth will feel pain \".
\"Alberta will introduce \'safe area\' around abortion clinics and I am emotionally troubled \':
Abortion Ads on the Lethbridge bus are painful for some residents \"after reviewing the comments of city residents, the city of Lethbridge made an administrative decision due to the adverse reactions of the community, read a statement from the city.
\"Our voice was heard and kalliedesriuisseaux was one of the biggest voices against advertising.
She said she had two previous miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy, forcing her to have a medical abortion
Without that, she would have died.
She was shocked after the city was announced and she said she was not alone and felt good.
\"We are really happy to hear our voice.
\"It is a pleasure to know that we live in a city where the well-being of citizens is very important,\" she said . \".
At the time of the dispute, the city was full of complaints, saying that the Lethbridge Transit advertisement was handled by a third person.
Complaints to Advertising Standards Canada.
From that industry
Regulators were overwhelmed by complaints and even stopped accepting them.
In a statement released on Wednesday, the city said the contractor had confirmed that the ad would be removed from the bus on April 5 and removed from the benches and shelters this weekend.
\"So far, the city has received more than 100 emails and many comments through social media, most of which have expressed strong opposition to Pro
\"Advertising for life,\" the statement said . \".
After silent protests began in the city, only women in maid clothes stood there --
The story of the maid by Margaret Atwood
To protest advertising.
Jen Takahashi, a pirate of one of the Hand female protesters, said the issue was not a question of freedom of speech, but of what she said was misleading information.
\"In fact, it\'s like a model of the fetus, and then very inaccurate scientific information,\" she said . \" Just before the city was announced.
Desruisseaux, associated with the hand female protesters, said the battle had not yet ended.
\"I think we have to take the first step, which has drawn attention and there are a lot of steps that need to be followed,\" she said . \".
\"We really want to make sure that this ends with procedural changes or changes in the bylaws, where whenever there is something that doesn\'t meet the advertising standards, you don\'t want to call everyone up on Twitter, don\'t want to contact [
Canadian advertising standards
Every time our city wrongly approved something.
In another action, the province announced on Wednesday that a bill will be introduced in the coming days to establish a \"safe zone\" around abortion clinics \".
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