letters to the editor, june 14

by:YEROO     2019-10-02
The Beer Store pursues a good goal and profit year after year.
Organizations in all industries strive to make meaningful contributions in the community.
As president of the Canadian Association for leukemia and lymphoma (LLSC)
, I was lucky enough to work with the Beer Store and its union to return the bottle drive for leukemia.
The annual campaign invites Ontario to help support blood cancer treatment by donating their empty beer, wine and wine containers to beer shops across the province.
The Beer Store and its union raised nearly $1 in 2018.
8 million. in our decade
Over $11 in long-term cooperationmillion mark.
Due to their generosity, LLSC can continue to invest in research and strengthen support projects.
Take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to more than 7,000 hard-working people --
Employees working at the Beer Store, who have had time over the past 11 years to help Canadians affected by blood cancer raise money.
Next time you find yourself in a beer shop, be aware that the staff behind the stainless steel counter will go above and beyond and raise awareness
Funding is needed to support community residents across the province and beyond.
While few people know what will happen in the future, one thing is for sure --
The Beer Store is connected to employees, customers and the community in a way that truly integrates purpose and profit.
Alicia Talarico, president of the Canadian Association for leukemia and lymphoma (
It is commendable that they are committed to helping to raise money for a disease that requires too many people, but that does not justify the sweetheart deal at the Beer Store)SAY WHAT?
What is the next step in blatant commercialism?
I noticed they are advertising on the bus shelters now!
Does God advertise the devil? Frances Smith(
Well, something strange happened)
The chiefs of Doug Ford will not take part in the Pride parade.
He said it was because of a police ban.
It\'s not a way if he really wants to help the police.
Doug, if the Ontario police chief can march with you, why not propose a parade?
Not rank and file, but chief.
If you provide this olive branch to the parade organizers, it is their responsibility to respond.
More importantly, if they respond positively, it will give the police station a chance to prove that they do not support prejudice against the LGBT community, this may be an important first step in bridging the default between the two groups.
I think it\'s a much better way than your current way, it\'s just making you homophobia.
Bran Hampton (It\'s okay.
Ban is ban)
I would like to congratulate Craig berlub, Taylor bozac and Alex sting on winning the Stanley Cup.
As long as we keep eating sugar-
The leaves will never win anything, with coated speeches and meaningless compassion.
Jimmy Farrington (
Is there always next year? )
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