levy: city funds used to fight doug ford

by:YEROO     2019-10-11
The council did a good job last Tuesday and they agreed to at least support the Cllr motion.
Stephen Holliday only opposes proposals to cut public health this year.
Not forever.
Because there\'s an argument that costs-
After the final determination of the 2019 city budget, the province implemented a shared arrangement without warning --
The city will be busy making up for the loss of funds.
But they have to vote 16, too.
10 in favor of the use of city advertising locations, advise torotonians on the health impact of the proposed funding cuts.
As Cllr, I think that means.
Joe Cressy, a health and medical officer at Eileen De Villa, has been insisting to let residents know (
In case they don\'t find it on TV, radio and print media)
\"Life will be in danger.
\"It wasn\'t until Thursday morning that I got a feeling from city spokesman Brad Ross and where to advertise what.
I never felt anything.
But he said the current plan is to use a \"free\" digital bus shelter (
Eliminate printing costs ,)
The city\'s social media channels do not cost anything other than staff hours.
\"We are still evaluating whether we buy ads and promotional tweets on Facebook (as well)
It will cost about $2,000, he said.
On the one hand, I have always had problems with the use of taxpayer resources by one level of government to fight against another level of government --
Whether it\'s municipal, provincial or federal.
Ross believes that in this particular case, the cost of using digital features at a bus stop is not free.
Without the digital logo available for the city information that is really needed, the opportunity cost is lost. Staff time (
There are undoubtedly many meetings
Will be used to make this information.
For example, if devila and her other doctors at the Toronto Public Health Center really care about saving lives, they may use these digital bus shelters to warn people about the spread of black people.
Leg tick and lamb disease in Toronto
The theme of their press conference on Thursday
I have seen and written down the devastating effects of chronic lemme disease on your entire body
As a result of not being aware of the danger of Lyme disease and treating it at an early stage.
A little measles broke out last week.
Both cases are related to travel.
These digital signs will be better used to remind people to vaccinate their children.
My point is that the advertising space in the city is still supported by taxpayers and should not be used for publicity.
I don\'t think members will see the irony of using staff resources to engage in advertising and social media campaigns --
Endless reports and political speeches.
Complaining about the impact of the cuts.
If there\'s human resources and time, maybe it\'s right for prime minister Doug Ford and his provincial counterparts to want to cut $20.
As we heard last week, there are millions of people in the Toronto Public Health Authority.
Maybe too high.
There are too few people doing pricing.
As I said before, if members of parliament and public health officials are smart (
Understand the reality of the provincial fiscal deficit ,)
Instead of spending time in Parliament complaining and creating new ways to feed them, they will offer to start negotiations.
We are all tired of this exaggeration.
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