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Light box manufacturers: advertising advantages of srolling light boxes


How does community scrolling lightbox advertising help companies promote products and services in depth?

1. Widely favored:

Community public welfare advertising lightbox media has been widely recognized and loved by the community civil affairs department and community residents since its birth, and has been included in the "Community spiritual civilization construction, cultural and scientific construction, urban municipal management construction, environmental construction and party propaganda Organization building" category.


2. Media interaction:

You can freely designate high-end or mid-range communities for centralized advertising, and the media is highly targeted. It can be said that community lightbox advertising is "interactive communication." It is full of appeal, full of power, and high effective arrival rate.

3. With the help of community lightbox advertisements as a foreshadowing, zero-distance promotional activities for products or services can be held in designated communities to minimize the distance between consumers and implement the "emotional maintenance" tactics.

Rolling light boxes have the advantages of the above points of advertising. Yilong is a factory with 20 years of experience in the production of light boxes. With a factory building of 20,000 square meters and hundreds of operators, it supports mass production and provides every customer with quality and quantity. Manufacturers, welcome your consultation and understanding, at the same time, Yilong looks forward to every opportunity for cooperation!

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