london bridge terror: victims identified as all three attackers named

by:YEROO     2019-10-06
Police in London have confirmed that South Australian woman Kirsty Boden was killed in an attack in London.
Image Source: The mother of Sara Zelenak, a nanny in Brisbane, confirmed that she had died in a terrorist attack in London.
Julie Wallace posted an article on Facebook this afternoon saying she was 21year-
Police found the body of the old daughter.
\"Sara Zelenak has confirmed her death and they found her body and confirmed the DNA test. Thank-
\"You get overwhelming love and support from all,\" she wrote . \".
Earlier, Prince Harry, along with others, paid tribute to MS zelnak and Boden.
At 2018 INVT sports conference held today at the Golden Bell Tower in Sydney, the prince began his speech, saying, \"First of all, I want to convey my thoughts to those affected by the London Bridge attack on Saturday.
\"Australians form an important and dynamic part of London\'s life structure, which we all think of in good times and in bad times.
We express our hearts to the victims, their friends and family.
Sarah Zelenak is believed to be the second Australian to be killed in the London attack.
Source: AAPWomen placed bouquets on the victim\'s monument at London Bridge.
Image: APSource: Southern Australia nurse MS Boden was described by the Sun as \"Angel of London Bridge\" in a front page tribute, named last night as the first Australian killed in the attack
Boden MS was killed after helping others get injured in the attack.
\"We continue to work with the United Kingdom authorities, who ask us to wait for official confirmation of the victim\'s identity and to formally inform their families before we publish their names, the Bishop said MS.
\"The Australian government has been in close contact with families who require privacy.
Prince Harry spoke at the invt sports conference at the Golden Bell Tower in Sydney.
Image Source: Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke to the families of two Australians.
\"We are heartbroken by these terrible crimes and this terrible loss,\" he said in an interview with 3AW today . \". “This is heart-rending.
This is the last thing the children in London want to happen.
\"Before the British coroner officially informed the family of the second victim, Mr Turnbull would not confirm his identity.
He said authorities believe all Australians involved in the attack are now under investigation.
Mr. Turnbull said: \"Kirsty Boden is a young nurse who goes to help the victims of the attack and unfortunately is killed by these cowardly, evil terrorists.
Related reports: \"The asshole in the Arsenal shirt came to me for the first time,\" the Sun paid tribute to Kirsty Boden, the Angel of London Bridge \".
Image source: \"Sara Zelenak \". . .
A 21-year-old young Australian. year-
The old man who works in London is an au pair. . .
Their situation has always been a very serious concern.
Mr. Turnbull said the conversation with Kirsty Boden and Sara Zelenak\'s family as a father was heartbreaking.
\"We are facing a global threat,\" he said . \"
\"Islamic terrorism is a disease.
It is corrupt, trying to destroy from within the Islamic religion, and of course it is also bashing, destroying and destroying our way of life.
\"These terrible crimes and this terrible loss broke our hearts.
British police say they have arrested a 30-year-
Old man in connection with the London attack
They say investigators have arrested suspects at a residence in Ilford, east of the capital.
Prior to that, the Irish authorities announced that they had arrested a second man in Dublin in connection with the attack.
Manchester police have arrested a man at London Heathrow Airport in connection with last month\'s terrorist attack in Manchester.
Details are unclear, but authorities said in a statement that the suspect, 38, was detained during a planned police operation. “The 38-year-
Old Manchester police said in a Twitter statement: \"old was arrested on suspicion of violating the Terrorism Act and is still in detention . \".
\"The arrest was planned in advance and there was no direct threat to the airport.
Sarah\'s aunt, Tara, spoke outside the zerenak House.
Source: Julie Wallace, the mother of the Australian news group, was preparing to fly to London last night.
Yesterday, outside the house of the omiston family in eastern Brisbane, Tara, the aunt of MS Zelanak, told the media that she was a \"very beautiful\" girl.
\"The family is trying to stay united, but it is clearly ready for the worst,\" she said . \".
\"Sarah is very beautiful.
She is the girl next door. she is a very special like-minded person.
\"She\'s one of those people who don\'t drink, don\'t take drugs, and don\'t do anything wrong.
\"She\'s great. she\'s 21.
On Saturday night, Sarah separated from her friends as people ran from a white van to pedestrians on London Bridge to escape.
MS Zelenak left the London Grind bar with her friend Pri gonc. alves when they heard the truck crash and saw people running away from the Holocaust.
Commuters set up new safety barriers through London Bridge.
Image: APSource: The family of APMs Boden issued a statement last night confirming 28-year-
When she ran to help others on London Bridge, she lost her life.
Last night, the Metropolitan Police Department issued a statement on behalf of the family of MS Boden.
\"Kirsty is loved and admired by family, friends and boyfriends.
She is the outermost, most kind, most generous, and most willing to help others.
\"Helping people is something she likes to do in the nurse\'s work and daily life,\" it wrote . \".
\"To help the people on the bridge, Kirsty unfortunately lost her life when she went to danger.
\"We are proud of Kirsty\'s brave behavior, which shows that she is so selfless, caring and heroic not only that night, but also throughout her life. “Kirsty —
We love you, we will miss you very much. \"Kirsty Boden-
Enjoy Turkish coffee in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
Image source: supply Kirsty Boden-
\"You can\'t come to Liverpool without visiting the cave club \".
Picture: FacebookSource: it provides a space for family members to feel personally sad.
Two other Australians are recovering after being stabbed to the neck by terrorists.
Queensland\'s 31-year-old Candice Haish is recovering from a hospital after an attack at Elliott\'s cafe.
Andrew Morrison of Darwin, who was stabbed in the throat while walking on the street, is currently home in Australia.
Three terrorists knocked down pedestrians in trucks and then attacked passers-by, killing seven people and injuring 48.
Before they were shot dead by police, they were killed with a knife.
Last night, a French waiter became the fourth person to be identified as a victim of a terrorist attack.
The 27-year-old Alexander pijard, from Normandy, died after being stabbed to the neck at the Borough Bistro where he worked.
He lived and worked in London for two years.
The staff at the Bistro on Borough Street helped the safety of 40 customers, but Mr pijed was unable to escape.
Christine Archibald, 30, from bc, Canada, was the first victim to be named.
James mcmulan, 32, from London\'s East Hackney, was second.
Alexander pejold, from France, was named the fourth victim of the attack.
Source: AFPSource AFP \"I have to go there\" Julie Wallace told reporters yesterday that her daughter narrowly missed the first two British terrorist attacks in the past three months --
A similar attack in Westminster killed four pedestrians and a police officer, and a suicide bombing at a popular concert in Manchester killed 22 people. “Where (the)
The police were stabbed three months ago and she was in the same place the day before, \"Wallace MS told 97.
3FM radio in Brisbane.
\"With Ariana Grande (in Manchester)
She is going to the concert.
\"Everything she just missed.
Ms. Wallace said she had spoken to her daughter on Friday afternoon and she was excited about her upcoming trip to Paris.
A woman was laying flowers near the scene of Saturday\'s terrorist attack.
She said, \"Oh, Mom!
Only 28 days can you and my father eat French baguette, cheese and croissants in Paris.
I\'m so excited to go to Paris!
Because she\'s never been there.
\"She is a very smart and sensible girl, she is healthy, slim, tight and awesome --
She did nothing wrong.
\"She is very sensible, more sensible than I was at her age.
Wallace said: \"Anyway, if I have information, I have to do something in the past and I have to go there. MS.
\"My husband and my sons are very upset --
We are a very close family.
But I have to be strong for them because that\'s what I have to do.
Ms. Wallace told 97.
When she heard the news of the attack, she felt \"absolute fear \".
London Bridge terrorist attack: There are three things to know. She said that from the beginning of the parade, zarenak MS has been traveling, and there was a \"wonderful trip\" and life experience, and she did not start the countdown until she went to Europe to see her daughter continue her vacation.
\"But terror, absolutely terror,\" she said . \".
MS Zelenak, an au couple, was scheduled to work on Saturday night, but her plans changed after her young accused grandparents took over.
She dined with friends and companions at the trendy London Grind Espresso Bar and then went to find a bar to continue their night at the time of the attack.
Goncalves wrote on Facebook: \"I was the last person to see her because I was with her. MS.
\"When we heard the crash we tried to find a bar and then went back to see what was going on.
Because people shouted about running, we were all desperate and afraid that we would walk away while running.
\"I called her many times, but she never took the call.
She hasn\'t been seen since the attack and we are all scared and worried but hopefully she will be fine.
Facebook picture of Sara Zelenak (right)
Her aunt, Tara.
Source: The police did not assign liaison officers to the families of the deceased.
\"Expert officials are working with the families of the victims and the coroner to identify those killed in Saturday\'s attack in due course,\" Met said in a statement . \".
\"Family Liaisons have now been deployed to all the families that we think people have died.
Candice Haish was injured in the attack.
Image source: AAPAndrew Morrison was stabbed to the neck by a terrorist.
Source: Ms. Boden from Channel 7 in lockston, a small town on river beach in southern Australia, is believed to have lived in the UK since 2013.
As a nurse, she graduated from Flinders University in 2010 and her social media account shows her enjoying her time on Sydney\'s beach and taking a walk in London\'s stylish Notting Hill.
Gay and St. Thomas Hospital issued a statement confirming Kirsty was working for them in the theater rehabilitation ward.
Ms. Irene Sears, chief nurse at Guy and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, said: \"As chief nurse for Guy and St Thomas, I am unable to express in words that we have lost one of our own, how sad I am.
\"Kirsty is an excellent nurse and a valuable member of the theater rehabilitation team, and her colleagues call her\" one in a million \", she always puts extra effort into the patients she cares.
\"Our idea at this time is to be with her family, her loved ones, and the staff who we lost a good friend and colleague.
\"A photo combination released by the British London Police Department shows Yousef zagbach from left to right, and police believe Khuram Shazad Butt and sidid Redouane were the three attackers of the London Bridge terrorist attack on June 3.
Photo: Metropolitan police resources: the supplier responsible for the head of the London Bridge attack is a British citizen who once appeared in a television documentary called \"Jihad.
Thousands of people gathered on the Thames to watch the night, and police revealed that one of the terrorists was Pakistani.
A 27-year-old British citizen, Khuram Shazad Butt, was photographed wearing a suicide vest made of a jar and died in an Arsenal shirt.
He was called \"Abz\" because MI5 and the police investigated his extremist views, but was given because the police had no evidence that he planned to launch an attack.
The second terrorist is Moroccan.
The 30-year-old surnamed ID Redouane was born, and he is also named after Ms. Elkhdar, who claims to be six years younger.
Pastry chef Redouane, who was separated from his Scottish wife, was not known to the police until Saturday.
He took an Irish ID card indicating that he had residence rights and stayed in Rathmines in southern Dublin for a while.
The third terrorist was revealed last night as a 22-year-old Yousuf Zagba, Moroccan.
An Italian citizen born in East London.
It is reported that he is not a person of interest to the police or MI5, but the Italian authorities said they informed the British authorities after detaining him because of Islamic State propaganda on his mobile phone.
A man, holding a United flag, knelt beside the flowers in London\'s Portfield Park, and observed the victims of the London Bridge and Borough Market terrorist attacks, which killed seven people.
Source: AFP/Daniel Leal-
OlivasSource: the AFPA poster is placed on a bus shelter at London Bridge, London, asking for help in the search for French chef Sebastian Belanger, who has reportedly been in the process since the terrorist attacks of June 3
Image source: AFPKhuram Shazad Butt appears in Channel 4 documentary The Jihadist Next Door.
Bart is one of three terrorists in the London terrorist attacks.
Image source: Details of youtubekillers show that it is a good thing to confirm the ass
The well-known jihadist on the terrorist watch list has done great harm to security agencies, and they have acknowledged those who have committed two attacks in the UK in the past three months, the authorities were also aware of Khalid Massoud and Salman Abedi before the attack.
Bart and reduane both live in Bagin, east of London.
It is not clear how these three people know each other.
The Islamic State says they are part of a jihadist group.
Bart, married with two children, appeared in a documentary on Channel 4 in a park where an Islamic State flag was launched, one of his associates was photographed laughing while he was drowned by Islamic State in a cage.
A former employee of Fast
The food giant KFC and the London Metro network have reported to the authorities twice for their extremist views.
In the Regent\'s Park in London, he waved the flag of the Islamic State and had a quarrel with the police.
Top anti-British
Mark Rowley, assistant director of the terror police, said there was no evidence that Bart had \"planned the attack\" and that he was therefore considered a minor figure.
There are 23,000 people interested in MI5, of which 3000-
Including ass
Is under active investigation.
\"There is no intelligence to indicate that the attack was planned and that the investigation was therefore given priority,\" Mr Rowley said . \".
He acknowledged that the police needed a radical change in tactics in the fight against Islamic terrorism.
\"In nine weeks, we have foiled five plots and three successful attacks.
It\'s totally different from anything we \'ve seen for a long time, \"he said.
\"As the Prime Minister has pointed out, we need to do something different.
\"The victims of the terrorist attack at London Bridge station on June 3, the police lined up and observed a minute of silence.
Image source: Jack Taylor getty ImagesTwo women stop by the flower pile outside London City Hall to pay tribute to the victims of the London Bridge and the Borough Market terrorist attacks.
Source: AFP/Daniel Leal-
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