long walk to catch t600 bus

by:YEROO     2019-10-07
Since the termination of the bus service in last December, the daily commute of 4/12 residents of Jalan wawnings in Puchong has become difficult.
For years, residents of densely populated areas have relied on the T508 branch bus route to reach nearby amenities, including wet markets, Tesco and IOI shopping centers, where they are the city route
However, since the implementation of a new route renamed T600, commuters have been forced to walk nearly 1 km to Persiaran Indera to catch the bus. The 25-
A few minutes walk is a charge for the elderly who go to the market by bus.
Early Soong, 55, said her trip to the market and shopping center near Digi food court has been very dependent on her children.
\"Walking to the market is not a problem, but it must be difficult to walk back with all the shopping items.
We can\'t carry heavy groceries, so we buy them in smaller portions and go to the market a few times a week, \"she added.
After a long trek, Soong said, her children also sweaty their backs in the office.
She said her son, who works near IOI Mall, was forced to go to the office with a change of clothes.
Things get annoying when it rains.
\"The luggage of the students is also very heavy.
Imagine being caught in the rain, \"added James Soong.
She said she had asked the bus driver why the bus had avoided the ring road and was told that there were not enough passengers.
Sometimes buses travel only once a day at strange times, says James Soong.
When the route was T508, she said everyone knew there would be a bus every hour, which made it easy for residents.
There are four apartments on the ring road, each with at least 400 residents and a terrace room opposite the apartment, she said.
Another resident, Elsie Summ, said she often uses the feeder bus that will drop off at damansala
Puchong Road (LDP)
This enabled her to take the connecting bus to her office in Petaling Jaya.
However, she has had to stop using the bus since last December because the new station is too far away.
\"In the end, I took a very expensive Grabcar or taxi.
\"Compared to the RM1 I used to pay for the bus, the cost of a taxi or Grabcar is between RM7 and RM9,\" she added . \".
Sum also said that due to the stray dogs on the street, she was not comfortable with the increased distance on foot.
In addition, she was once followed by a drug addict, which scared her to walk to the bus shelter about 1 km kilometers away.
An apartment cleaner who wants to be called Napi says the bus is the way he goes to work every day.
He lives in Taman wawens5 and is now 30 minutes walk to wawens4.
\"It was hard, I worked from eight o\'clock A. M. to five o\'clock P. M. and was forced to wake up early and walk to work on time.
\"The early bus was very reliable and convenient for me and my family,\" he added . \".
A Prasarana spokesperson said in contact that they had received complaints and were monitoring the situation.
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