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by:YEROO     2019-11-13
Lucknow: The first smart bus shelter in the city is about to appear on Ashok Marg.
It is nearing completion and will open to the public on Saturday.
It was completed under the Smart City project.
It will also be the country\'s first smart bus shelter with e-commerce
Toilet with water circulation device.
The smart sanctuary will provide commuters with a range of features and facilities, including displaying the real
Time information about bus arrival, route details, seat availability, e-commerce
Toilet, ATM, water vending equipment and mobile charger.
The bus shelters will be equipped with GPS and an intelligent traffic management system, and the board will display the bus route, digital map and weather forecast as well as the basic information of the arrival of the bus.
Bus shelters also have 24 hours
Power backup for one hour.
Naveen Agarwal, general manager of the company that will build these shelters, said 200 smart bus shelters, about 39 rupees each.
84 lakh, will appear in the city.
SK Jain, general manager of Smart City project, told TOI, \"Ashok Marg Bus Station will be open for public use from Saturday onwards.
While all other facilities will begin with the inauguration, the electronic information system will function after GPS is installed on all means of transportenabled.
In Phase I, 100 such shelters will be built next year.
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