lucy elephant ads were ok, city says

by:YEROO     2019-10-13
The Canadian zoo plans to release these ads this week as part of its long-standing campaign aimed at getting the Commission to move Lucy from the city --
Zoo with American elephant sanctuary.
But according to city traffic spokesman Ben Mittlesteadt, Pattison Outdoor ads rejected the ads because it did not think the city would approve them.
\"There is a small misconception between zookcheck and Pattison,\" he said . \".
\"But ads are always approved by 100 in Edmonton. . .
Edmonton transportation system.
\"Ads meet our advertising standards and have been cleared, so there will be Zoo Check ads on several bus shelters around the city.
An official at Paterson has apologized for the mistake.
Later this week, advertising will begin to appear in the city.
The advertisement that will be seen at the bus shelter says, \"lonely and cold winter is on the road.
Haven\'t she held back yet?
\"Zoocheck hopes the ads will convince Edmund to put pressure on the committee to move Lucy.
Lucy is the only elephant living alone in the Canadian zoo.
She has been alone since September 2007, when Samantha, another elephant at the Valley Zoo, was transferred to a zoo in North Carolina for breeding.
Elephants live in zoos most of their lives.
Animal rights advocates say Lucy is in poor health.
Her health and isolation prompted Lucy to move to one of the two elephant reserves in the United States.
Officials at the Valley Zoo rejected the offer to relocate Lucy, arguing that the move could exacerbate health problems, including the wrong position of the molar tooth in her mouth.
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