Make what bus station kiosks request

by:YEROO     2020-03-23
Daily travel leave the bus, bus travel in the city without bus station kiosks. Bus station pavilion is one of the most common traffic facilities, but it cannot be too capricious of fabrication and installation, bus station kiosk production must meet the requirements of some function. A, meet the demand of passengers waiting bus station pavilion, after all, is to meet people wait for buses, so bus station kiosk must meet the relevant function, shading can shelter from the wind, you can rest seats for the elderly, can be very convenient to check the related bus information. Second, the area size requirements bus station pavilion is small, can be configured according to the requirements of times the number of public buses and the corresponding box number, a large and a small, two small, two big and small, three big two small wait for a variety of combinations. Bus a lot of passengers, the corresponding bus station kiosk production will be bigger. Three or more humanized demands as the city bus system continuously perfect, bus station kiosk during construction is more and more attention & other Human & throughout; Design, including location, direction signs, and channels for the disabled and so on, to facilitate the passengers convenient and fast. Four, environmental requirements bus station kiosk set area should choose to clean, free, safe place, usually considering bus bay bus stop pavilion, to ensure the safety of the passengers in the waiting time and does not affect traffic. Guangdong YiLong traffic is bus station kiosks, foshan professional manufacturer, can provide the chengdu bus station kiosk, stainless steel bus-stop, pseudo-classic style bus station, intelligent, such as chengdu bus station bus stop production.
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