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by:YEROO     2019-08-14
Hyderabad: I decided to make Hyderabad my home about three years ago.
Before moving to the city, I lived in Delhi, the city where I was born and educated.
I have been designing projects in and around Hyderabad for the past decade and have been part of its growth story in many ways.
Strangely, I realized that it was only after moving myself here that I began to think about its existence as a living organism, not just another destination for business purposes.
Two things that touched me most
Or rather, without them)
What may affect me in many ways is the so-called cultural scene. in Delhi and second, due to the fast-paced development, the people of this historic city have changed their feelings about architecture.
Although the first city is more specific because it used to have a strong historical and cultural background, the second city is about the architectural environment of Hyderabad, although nothing unusual, because many other cities have experienced the same fate on the same timeline.
I will keep the first time, the first time to write the second time, as a professional architect, which has moved me both personally and professionally.
In the past 10 or 20 years, many Indian cities have witnessed phenomenal growth thanks to the IT boom abroad and also to the new era of a liberalised economy.
Hyderabad\'s growth has been closely watched by other neighboring big cities.
The city is like Delhi in many ways, especially in architecture.
It has an equally important architectural heritage and is not too backward in showing wealth and wealth.
It has its own south Delhi charm and you can feel its charm as you walk around Banjara Hill and Jubilee Hill, where there are large villas and bungalows dotted with views.
More important than the aesthetics of architectural design is the size and grandeur.
Borrowing gaotam battia\'s comments on the architectural scene of Delhi, the Punjab Baroque was replaced by a huge Greek, Corinth, and Roman Renaissance style, if this is not enough, complete it with a colorful facade and a glass facade, adding to the show-off fetish.
This is very different from the reaction of Bangalore and Pune during the growth period.
While Bangalore is known for its small and well-built designer homes, Pune has some of the earliest and best
Apartment type building.
Construction professionals quickly gained respect in these cities, which surprised many people, even in Delhi and Mumbai.
Now, the city\'s so-called newer places, by the way, still lack some basic facilities less than a decade and a half of history.
There are no pedestrian safety and sidewalks, no decent green plants and plantations, crowded roads, no street lights, signage is the only thing people dream of, the regular features of places that are said to be happening.
Public facilities such as bus shelters, commuter drinking water, pedestrian underground access, drainage, and communication and electrical service pipelines seem to be endless.
In terms of architecture, the design elements feel completely chaotic and absurd.
There is no architecture at all.
They are all covered with huge and colorful billboards that make up the skyline of the city and clearly tell you that no one cares about the aesthetic composition of the street.
Rich people in the world, with their huge advertising budget, are responsible for this terrible act of getting happiness from our cities.
As a person, I will be very eager to wait to see the hoarding at the top of one of their spacious high-rise villas that may have been designed by one of the best imported architects in the world.
I \'ve been wondering if we need a lot of money or technical knowledge, or simply are willing to provide some basic amenities to make many other cities a world class city.
Just look at any city in the United States or Europe, closer to home, Putrajaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or a Chinese city, and we will understand that this is a simple attitude issue.
When will our planning and urban development institutions understand the true meaning of development?
When will citizens of our country have access to some basic facilities?
Secondly, most of us don\'t even know what we should have, what we should get, not only the list of facilities, but even the required standards, in order to request these from our system.
I think everything has a balance of demand and supply.
As demand for more features and facilities increases, suppliers will offer these products at a very affordable price.
Isn\'t that the real estate industry?
Compared to the needs of 20 years ago, look at the facilities provided by each developer today.
The core of the ever-improving supply chain system is to increase the visibility and education of buyers.
This is the solution.
We need some initiatives to help people understand the need and importance of improving the beautiful building environment through the collaboration of professionals, designers, leaders and local communities.
Strive to promote and encourage the best way for contemporary urban planning and development to bring modern architecture, traditional craftsmanship and design closer to people.
With these moves, the day may not be far away and we will start to reject a city if the film or music album is not good. (
The author is a practicing architect based in Hyderabad who writes design and architecture in India. )
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