man who was hit by van in jersey city dies, official says

by:YEROO     2019-10-03
Authorities have confirmed that a man was killed by a van while checking in Jersey City.
Willie Bradford, 50, was taken to Jersey City Medical Center.
He was threatened after being attacked on the evening of August. 31.
The accident report showed that Bradford suffered a serious head injury and was left ventilated after the collision. He died Sept.
1 Before 8: 00m.
Jersey City spokeswoman Kimberly WallaceScalcione said.
The van stopped at a red light at the intersection of conepop Avenue and Kennedy Avenue before 10: 40. m.
According to the police report. The van\'s 25-year-
An old driver told the police that a \"surprising\" man walked into his driveway and was in contact with the van.
According to the report, the driver said that the man was checking when the vehicle passed.
A witness told police that she saw Bradford bend over in the middle of the intersection, either tying her shoelaces or picking things up from the ground.
According to reports, she said the driver could not see him during the crash.
The driver was not charged at the time.
Scene of August.
Not far from where Uma King was killed in January.
23 when a speeding car jumped off the side of the road and crossed a bus shelter on Kennedy Avenue, a car hit 33-year-old.
According to New Jersey police, on 2018, 13 fatal crashes occurred in Hudson County, killing 14 people.
On the same day as Bradford\'s death, Marianna Chojnowska, 77, was killed by a car while riding a bicycle on C Avenue in Bayonne.
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