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by:YEROO     2019-08-30
We recently did our first Bluetooth marketing campaign.
Although its budget and expectations are small, it is quite successful.
We recently did our first Bluetooth marketing campaign.
Although its budget and expectations are small, it is quite successful.
This reminds me that if the marketer can use this relative-
New technologies for promotional activities.
Bluetooth is created to unify multiple devices (
Mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, video game consoles)
There is no technology to synchronize the problem.
While it\'s too early to fully evaluate the technology for mobile marketing, let me try a broad Bluetooth marketing approach using the Telibrahma case study.
Here are eight principles for Bluetooth Marketing: once we need to change our mass media lens and think locally.
The essence of Bluetooth is \"proximity \".
Consumers close to shopping malls, McDonald\'s stores, diversity and more.
With Bluetooth technology, marketing can be localized as we would like.
Last year, the Bangalore Forum Mall did a promotion for Cookie Man using a special discount voucher to drive the sidewalk of the mall to the exact store . . . . . . Mobile phone is a highly personal
Therefore, we need to be extra careful when seeking permission from the target group.
Unlike TV clutter, Blue
Spam may have a serious backlash against the brand.
But with licensing marketing, it can offer high engagement.
On the IIMB section, Sprite targeted the young TG-with Bluetooth-
Social networking is enabled.
Users who open Bluetooth in the event can download the network tool.
They can search for friends to chat with them or the Internet.
Attention should be paid to having a highly personalized brand voice.
We can never forget it\'sto-one marketing.
Earlier this year, Arrow did a promotion at a store in Bangalore, where it offered two different offers for both sets of TGs.
Bluetooth technology so personalized and highly personalized
Targeted marketing
Since this is a close marketing effort, relevance is more important than reach.
Recently, ICICI used Bluetooth marketing to let customers download mobile banking applications at its branches and ATM kiosks.
Deliver the app according to the customer\'s phone model.
Bluetooth marketing must meet at least 2 of 3Us-
Useful and practical.
Moving the screen is not just about dropping the shortened version of the TV and printing ideas.
We have to figure out blue.
Content is useful to consumers, what is the utility of it.
For example, in a diversified company, a brand may decide to put a movie calendar with an advertisement, not just a compelling one.
This is a medium of \"less is more. ’The thumb-
The rules here are not-
\"What can I add to increase the content of my message\", but \"what can I take away to make it simpler and notobtrusive.
As more and more customers use mobile marketing, it is important to be very careful to make information more conversational. While —
\"Dear loyal user\" may be tolerated/ignored in direct mail and will eventually annoy a person\'s mobile audience.
Mobile creatives must also see each communication as part of a conversation thread rather than a position --alone messages.
This comes from the proximity of Bluetooth to the marketing root.
For one of our clients, like Cycle Agarbatti, who transformed the bus shelter into an outdoor Alti venue and turned it into blue --
In order for devout people to download Ganapati wallpapers and ringtones, this may not work very well for durable or FMCG brands . . . . . . These are by no means clear principles.
Every marketer, brand, agency has its own learning curve when using another technology and trying to influence consumers who are becoming less and less concerned.
\"Teeth\" are outside.
We just have to find a way. (
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