marseille incident: van crashes into two bus shelters killing at least one person in the southern french city

by:YEROO     2019-11-24
A van crashed into two bus shelters in the French city of Marseille, killing at least one woman and injuring the other.
Police advise citizens to avoid the old port area. master Renault\'s driver is a 35-year-old driver. year-
The Old Man of Grenoble was arrested.
The driver first hit a bus shelter around 8: 00.
Fifteen o\'clock A. M. in the 13 th quarter of the second impoverished north of France
An hour later, in zone 11, a few miles south, one of the largest cities hit a second bus shelter.
French media say a woman in her 40 s was killed at a second bus stop in front of a KFC restaurant and a man was injured at the first bus stop. BFM-
A witness noticed the license plate of the van and handed it over to the police, the television said.
Media reports said the driver was known by the police for minor crimes and had psychological problems.
Counter in France
The terrorism prosecutor says the case has not been dealt with yet, and a police officer said \"the motive for terrorism has been completely rejected \".
David ferredi of the Marseille union police union told bfm TV: \"The arrest was carried out in a surprisingly calm manner and there was no exchange of fire . \".
\"The distance the driver has traveled shows some determination,\" said Mr Reverdy . \".
But we can ask ourselves: why are these places?
\"If one wants to cause a massacre, the rest of Marseille will be more logical at another time of day,\" he said . \".
The accident happened a few days later. to-
Van attacks in Barcelona and Spain\'s resort of Cambrils have killed 14 people.
France has been in a state of emergency since Islamist militants killed 130 people in and around Paris in November 2015.
On last July, another 86 people were killed in an attack in Nice, when a Tunisian man drove a truck along the promenade and cut down revelers on Bastille Day.
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