mbpj now provides disabled-friendly buses and bus shelters

by:YEROO     2019-10-19
Three years ago, a bad experience on a bus hurt 19-year-old wheelchair user gan Menwai by taking public transport.
Gan, who was a middle school student at the time, boarded SS2\'s bus to Taman Paramount in batagaya.
He arrived safely at his destination, but the return trip turned into a nightmare.
The bus driver told him that he could not get off at the same location where he was picked up.
\"Instead, I got off near the Tropicana City mall.
\"It took me an hour to drive back to SS2 in the rain,\" Gan said . \".
He has never been on the bus since then.
However, Gan\'s recent experience on the bus is completely different.
He and another 42-year-old disabled person, Chai Lee Chai, boarded the free eight-ring spirit Jaya City bus yesterday to mark the International Day for the disabled.
They were accompanied by two other wheelchair users, Senator Sia Siew Chin, member of Petaling Jaya, and Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan, chairman of the Disabled Women\'s Association.
Sia stated that they would like to raise public awareness of the needs and requirements of persons with disabilities when taking public transport.
Bus stops and buses must be accessible and conform to the universal design, she said.
\"If the bus shelter is not properly built, the disabled will not be able to use the bus.
\"The design of the bus shelter is as important as the accessories on the bus,\" Sia said . \".
When she was much younger, she shared her bad experiences while commuting through the bus.
\"Although my limbs are weak, I can still walk.
\"But the bus steps are too high to climb,\" Sia said . \".
Although the city bus is disabled
It is friendly, she said, that there are still many shelters that hinder the movement of people with inconveniences.
Therefore, the eight dozen linja City Council (MBPJ)
15 bus shelters will be upgraded to become disabledfriendly.
They include bus station SS2/55, Jalan universal near University Medical Center of Malaya and Jalan One on both sides of Jalan Gasing near Staff Provident fund building, public library and Jalan Selangor near Perkeso (
Social Security Organization)
Building, Jalan Othman Bus Center, Jalan Templer located on both sides of the road, near Jalan Semangat hospital in SK Sri Petaling, public bank in SS2/75 and Jalan Semangat near Jaya 33.
In addition to the bus shelter, MBPJ will also upgrade the Petaling Jaya Municipal Hall and toilet, as well as the MBPJ Stadium at the Kelana Jaya and MBPJ Kelana Jaya swimming pools.
Senator Bathmavathi said it is important to have disabled members in all local councils.
\"It will help create a more inclusive society,\" she said . \"
Yang Bee Yin, a member of the Grand Mansara Utama who also rode all the way, said there should not be any obstacles to the movement.
\"Universal design means that everyone, including pedestrians, should be safe.
\"Once you get off the bus, the sidewalk should be accessible,\" she said . \".
On Tuesday, StarMetro released a front-page story, \"walking a mile in shoes,\" about MBPJ\'s efforts to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.
It is reported that only when the public infrastructure meets the needs of the disabled and the elderly can they enjoy a better quality of life.
Most people with disabilities are looking forward to these facilities and the first step is to have access to public places for all.
With this in mind, MBPJ held workshops and workshops entitled \"access audit in a building environment.
Officials from the planning department of the disabled, architects and MBPJ attended the meeting.
Participants at the seminar were informed that as of December 2012, a total of 436,317 persons with disabilities were registered in the social welfare sector.
This number is definitely more because many people do not register their disabled children in the department.
The most common disability among registered persons is autism, accounting for 37%.
The second is physical disability (33. 4%)
Visual impairment (9%)
Hearing impairment (3. 3%)
Mental disability (3. 3%)
Speech disability (0. 4%)
And other types of disability (4. 6%).
During the workshop, several participants were asked to lift a person in a wheelchair.
This allows participants to understand the life of wheelchair users and the importance of meeting their needs.
Senator Bathmavathi would like all stakeholders to comply with the various legal provisions already in place to improve accessibility for persons with disabilities.
According to Bathmavathi, these buildings include unified buildings --Law (UBBL)
, MS1184 general design code of practice and 2008 of the Disability Act (Act 685).
The president of the women with disabilities Association and members of the National Council for the disabled said that the public, government and private sectors must play a role in ensuring that accessibility issues are adequately addressed.
\"People must understand that it is mandatory to provide such services.
\"There are legal requirements for universal design when building and public space,\" she said . \".
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