meet this unusual bjp candidate from kerala

by:YEROO     2019-10-20
6 feet high, smiling ver, is the master of sadandan, for you.
He is a candidate for the BJP in the highly sensitive Koothuparamba constituency, where political murders are common.
Master was the victim of such political violence.
In 1994, when he was 30, his legs were cut off by the Communist Party of India. Member of Marxism
It took him six months to start walking with artificial limbs. Though door-to-
The door campaign has been difficult and master is trying to meet people and tell them his story. Master, 52, (
Or he\'s called \"maash\" in the area \")
Tell his story about how an Indian youth Student Federation leader from a communist family became a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker and is now a candidate for the BJP.
Grew up in a small village near Mattannur in canur, in a politically active family.
My father is a primary school principal and a member of the Communist Party, and my brother is in charge of the student department at zilla level.
I also joined the student union and became an active member.
I started to leave SFI when I was doing my degree program.
The main reason is the performance of the party on the university campus.
I saw the leaders of the party come to the campus to incite students to indulge in violence during college elections.
I cannot agree with this violence.
I was attracted to RSS during this troubled period, all because of some of my friends in college.
I move from left to right in my mind.
What made me finally risk was an article in the well.
Famous poet Akkitham Achuthan Namboothiri, every week.
Sitting in the village\'s public library reading this is the defining moment of my life.
My village is a stronghold of the Communist Party without RSS Sangham (branch)in our village.
There is a Sangham outside our village, where many young people are very active.
When they came to our village and arranged a Raksha Bandhan show with only 10 or 15 people.
After reading a few books written by RSS followers, I came to the conclusion that this is the path I want.
Although my father is a member of the Communist Party in his heart, he has withdrawn from the party because of his differences with other party members, especially the violence related to the party.
While my father was initially shocked to see my changes and was not happy with my RSS campaign, he did not publicly criticize me.
My brother is against me.
Slowly, I began to see a change in the attitude of my father, brother, mother and four sisters.
I don\'t have to brainwash them.
The changes that have taken place in me have also affected them.
Today, my brother, who retired from teaching, is the chairman of the Mattanur constituency of the BJP.
Friends with the Communist Party advised me not to join RSS.
The senior party member met my father and asked him to give me an idea.
They told me well not to do what I was doing.
The tone changed when they found out I wouldn\'t let the step.
When I started RSS Sangham in our village in 1984 with some friends, the suggestion became a threat.
I was studying for my final year.
I started getting threats all the time, but I ignored them and went on working for RSS.
N 1992, after finishing my bed, I joined the master of elementary school in our village.
September 1993, in CPI-
With the support of the Communist Party, they destroyed the bus shelters and cement stands we built at the main village entrance.
This led to a conflict between RSS and Marxism.
When I heard the news, I went to tell the Marxist leaders that what they did was wrong.
They attacked me and others with me.
They didn\'t hurt us very badly, but they were already taken to the hospital.
It was quiet until January 1994.
My sister\'s wedding is scheduled to be February 13.
On January 25, I visited our uncle.
I came back by bus after seeing him.
I got off at Uruvachal Bazaar station, where I had to walk a kilometer --and-a-
Half the way to my house.
T must be around 8.
Around 15 in the evening.
I heard an explosion, and then another.
I heard people shouting because it was a market.
Next moment, I feel like someone is grabbing me from behind.
I was pressed on the road.
I don\'t know what happened.
I think something happened to my leg, but I didn\'t feel anything;
There is no pain, nothing.
They did it all while pressing me hard on the ground without making any noise.
Finally, I heard them say, \"That\'s enough. let\'s go.
After they left, I sat up slowly.
To my shock, I saw them cut my legs under my knee and they threw a leg away.
I don\'t feel the pain, it\'s just a lot of bleeding.
I cried for help but there was no one nearby.
Several cars passed.
Seeing my situation, a man cried loudly, got on the bus and walked quickly.
I think I sat there for at least 15 minutes and almost bled myself to death.
The police came to get me to the hospital.
I lost consciousness on the road.
I had to be taken to Kozhikode Medical School for more than six hours of surgery.
I laugh whenever I think of it, but I was in a state of shock at the time.
Because I have the support of RSS members and leaders including K S Sudarshan ()
My mental strength, I soon came out of shock.
I remember when I was 30.
The doctor who treated me confidently assured me that I would be able to walk with a prosthetic limb soon.
After two months of medical treatment and four more months of healing, the doctor fixed Jaipur\'s foot on my leg.
It was very painful when I first started walking with a prosthetic leg.
They are also very heavy.
When I first started walking, I was not bothered by bleeding from the wound.
I just want to walk.
I have so many things in my mind that I don\'t have my own timepity.
It is true that I am very angry with those who did this to me when I was young.
Then I realized that I shouldn\'t be angry at people who have done such cruel things to me, because they are just doing what the party leaders are asking them to do.
In retaliation for what happened to me, Sudheesh, the Sufi leader I knew, was killed.
I totally disagree with this retaliatory killing.
When I learned that he was murdered, I said it was an unfortunate incident.
When I started walking, I worked with magazines twice. and-a-
Half a year before joining a school in Thrissur in 1999.
I have been teaching social science there since then.
In May 1995, I married Vanitha, a girl who studied and slept with me.
We decided to stay together before the accident.
I tried to dissuade her after things happened, but her decision was very firm.
Today, our daughter studied engineering at Thrissur.
Working as Vice President
Over the past few years, when the BJP asked me to be a candidate, the chair of the Faculty Association and the magazine editors we published for teachers.
It surprised me.
Maybe the party wants me to be a symbol of the kind of intolerable politics we see in Kannur.
I told them it would take me some time to decide.
I can\'t be so active given my physical condition.
When they show enthusiasm, I can see the spirit behind me as a candidate.
I did walk around and run for the campaign, but not like everyone else.
I have to rest a lot in the middle.
I have made people realize that all of us must have the freedom to express our views, and in these parts most of us are deprived of that freedom.
I told them that I was the victim of this intolerance.
When CPI-
M refused to allow us to start RSS Sanghams in the village they thought was their fortress.
When we open the monk group despite strong opposition, they will attack us like this.
This is the purpose of Marxist political parties.
Their argument is that there will be no violence without the monks.
How is this possible? We don\'t have the right to do what we want, they murder not only people on RSS, but anyone who leaves the party.
When we opened a restaurant in a village, they attacked us.
Our people will retaliate soon.
I know it won\'t last forever.
We must live together and not kill each other.
There should be no political violence in a civilized society.
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