midnight in the village of the homeless and hungry

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Hey, time traveler!
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Just before midnight, the day before the first winter weather in Winnipeg, when I noticed the police car parked in the driveway next to the bus stop, I was standing in front of the Osburn Village Fire Department.
I felt from the \"unwanted\" poster of the police that they recognized me.
Or a picture of my newspaper. So I walk over.
From what they look like, both of them are men, both veterans.
\"Hi there,\" I started.
\"You want to know what I\'m doing?
\"The driver thought I was in the area because of the shooting and killing that happened on Stradbrook Avenue Street last weekend.
It sounds like the drug deal is really bad.
No, that\'s not why I went out alone so late on Tuesday night.
I decided to walk one night on the streets of the city.
In fact, I \'ve been on my way to the main street project to see what happened at that time on weekdays evening.
Hearing this, the funny policeman sitting in the driver\'s seat couldn\'t help it. \"Want a ride? \" he asks.
It made me laugh.
He obviously read my recent column on cities. Ross Eadie.
So, if I\'m on my way to the Main Street project, how do I walk in the village of Osburn?
Well, on my way, I found a homeless couple crossing the chaotic corner at North Point Osborne Street.
They\'re in black, Goth-like attire.
She took the skateboard and he pushed the cart full of their stuff.
\"It was 11: 17. m.
I stopped the car, crossed the road and introduced myself.
The couple in the shopping cart told me that they were panicking all the time but didn\'t make it, the voice has turned into a young woman of frogs --
Like croak, still angry at the way passers-by treat them.
She said she was from Calgary and he said he was from Ontario.
\"We are trying to go to Toronto,\" he said . \"
I warned them that the weather is coming in the winter, but they know.
They had hoped to be on the road, but he had a problem.
\"I have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning because my wound is infected.
So now I have two days of intravenous antibiotics.
\"I offered to buy them a cup of coffee or something to eat on the warm a & W Street where we could talk more.
\"That\'s great,\" he said . \"
I got back in the car and walked towards A & W, just past the fire hall in Osburn village --
I will meet the same place as two male police officers later.
When I noticed a different cruiser parked in the driveway, a female officer got off the bus and put on gloves.
She is walking to the bus shelter.
I saw three people inside and one of them fell asleep on the bench.
When I parked across Stradbrook, the people at the bus shelters stood on the street, as I called them.
Both men and a woman are young, indigenous and in a state of drunkenness to varying degrees.
The only refuge in their state that can accept them is the main street project.
So I asked them where they were going now.
\"We will go to the next bus shelter,\" one of the men replied . \".
I looked at the young woman.
She may look 15 but claims to be 26.
I asked her what happened to her right eye. Self-
She consciously pulled her hair over her black eyes. \"My ex-
My boyfriend hit me. My baby\'s dad.
\"Where is her child?
\"She\'s under treatment now.
I have a lot of s-t on my plate. \"But no food.
\"I\'m hungry,\" she said . \"
She wanted chips and pecan sticks.
I told her about the shopping cart couple, the Goths, and how I should meet them at A & W, so she ordered an order: \"chubby chicken burger.
\"She wanted to go with me but I told her to stay there.
By that time, the police had gone and the two men had returned to the bus shelter.
I keep the young woman warm.
I will be back.
\"Promise Me,\" she said . \"I promised.
But when I got back to the bus shelters, the shopping cart couple was gone and the bus shelters were gone.
There are only two policemen and I will tell them my story.
The police can write a book about the story because they already know all the characters, the plot, and how midnight ended in homeless and hungry villages.
It always ends in the same way.
At the next bus shelter
Winter is coming. gordon.
Sinclair @ freepress. mb.
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