mine for £1,300: ileana, the teenage sex slave ready to work in london\'you say she work for you. or we have other ways\'

by:YEROO     2019-10-31
At three o\'clock A. M. on a back street in downtown Bucharest, a rude Romanian ordered a young woman to open her coat and spin.
\"Look, she\'s beautiful,\" he said coldly.
Good health, healthy skinno marks.
We have a doctor\'s certificate.
You want to see the body?
\"No, it doesn\'t matter,\" I replied.
\"I can see that she is in good condition.
\"She is slim, dark blue.
Hair and attraction, but intimidated and passive before she died
Eye controller
Two men in their twenties are wearing designer jackets.
The next day we agreed on a price in a smoky cafe.
\"Well, you have 2,000 euros,\" said the negotiator opposite me --about £1,350.
\"We have passports. you can take them.
\"This is not a general business transaction.
I just agreed to buy the 19-year-old Ilena Petrescuyear-
Old Romanian lady
Ilena was forced into prostitution two years ago.
I will be her third \"master\" and the first person to take her out of her country.
Two days before we reached an agreement, I got in touch with this young woman\'s controller through an intermediary.
I pretended to be a British \"businessman\" into the dark society of human traffickers, trying to buy Eastern European girls to \"work\" at a club in London \".
The Battle of the sex slave deal, Ilena, did not have a say in the deal.
When the pimple was there, she said only once and assured me with a sad pleading look: \"You don\'t need to hit me.
\"It is disturbing to reach an agreement to buy Ilena and take her to the UK, which is a shock to Tony Blair and his ministers, they failed in the fight against gangs selling women from Romania, Ukraine, Lithuania and Afghanistan. The victims -
Most of them were deceived and thought they would be doing \"normal\" work as dancers, au pairs and housekeepers --
Forced prostitution throughout Western Europe.
The UK is a major destination because demand is constant and the price is high and immigration controls are considered loose.
According to the Interior Ministry, as many as 6,000 girls are brought into the UK each year and sold to the industry by illegal immigrants and asylum losers --
Seekers from Eastern Europe
Last year, police arrested 1,456 people for human trafficking and detained £ 4. 5 million.
This is a relentless trend that officials admit they are fighting.
\"We stopped a gang and the other one came in right away,\" said a detective at Scotland Yard . \".
Criminals are becoming more and more shameless.
Last month, two men and a woman were sentenced in Sheffield to auction two Lithuanian girls aged 18 and 19 at a coffee shop at Gatwick Airport for £ 3,000 per person.
The girls thought they were taken to vacation to live with their friend\'s father, and they were forced to work as prostitutes in London and Sheffield, facing the threat of torture and death until they ran away
One of her Serbs raped many times.
The 19-year-old Tasim Axhami, a born pimping, was sentenced to 21 years in prison.
His associate, Emiljan Beqirat, was sentenced to 16 years in prison, and Beqirat\'s girlfriend, Vilma Kizlaite, was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Two asylum failures last week.
Seekers from Moldova were jailed for bringing nearly 600 women illegally into the UK.
Dulrill Dulghieru, 36, was sentenced to nine years in prison, his wife Tamara was sentenced to five years in prison, using a clone credit card in one of Britain\'s largest trafficking activities
The girls were forced to work as prostitutes, paying the couple £ 300 a day for rent and repaying the alleged £ 20,000 fee to bring them to the UK.
Back to Bucharest, the translator and I left with Ilena because her pimps thought it was a \"test\"
Drive to the London myth bar to check if she is suitable for \"entertaining\" customers.
In fact, we went to a cafe and listened to her shocking but not unusual story.
Ilena was sick when she was 16.
An educated girl from a poor family is a gang member
Raped her behind a disco in her hometown near Bucharest.
This is not only a random act of violent mobs, but also a deliberate strategy for the first stage of her \"break-in.
Soon after, she was made friends by a young man who was not known to her, who was-
Maybe even-the rapists.
She said he became her boyfriend, \"acting like a gentleman \".
As a traumatic, vulnerable teenager, she is happy to meet such kind people.
But, in fact, she is the victim of the \"lover\"
\"Boy\" pimps traps, which human traffickers use to trap young women who are skeptical about advertising that provides \"dancers\" work abroad.
Six weeks later, Ilena\'s \"boyfriend\" took her to the Black Sea resort town for the weekend.
As soon as they arrived, she sold a pimicon for 200 euros, locked in a dark room and forced to serve the customer day and night.
The torture lasted for a year before she was sent back to Budapest and sold to her current owner.
Over the past two years, she has been forced to have sex with four customers on average every night.
However, her parents believe in the story of her work in a store and she still visits her on Christmas Day.
She didn\'t have any emotions about going to London and admitted that she was going to work as a prostitute: she didn\'t know and didn\'t expect anything else.
But when she puffs on a cigarette and drinks Coke from a bottle, there is a sign that her spirit is not completely crushed.
\"I don\'t want this to happen to my sister.
She blurted out: \"If she does this, I will cut off her hair . \".
During the negotiations with Ilena, the veteran pimping gave her a good reference.
\"She works very hard and has many customers,\" he said . \"
\"She won\'t bother you.
\"Ilena has a passport, but I have to get a visa if she is going to legally enter the UK --
\"No problem, because you are British,\" said the pimple . \"
\"You wrote that she would work for you in London.
Or we can do something else.
\"He looked at me carefully and asked me about my bar, where it was and if I had any contact with Romanians.
In the end, he was satisfied with my answer and came up with a figure of 2,000 euros.
Satisfied with the prospect of making money quickly
I believe he will soon replace Ilena with what he calls \"fresh meat --
He casually assured me that I would take all of Elena\'s income to get my money back before she paid off 2,000 euros.
He said, \"After that, you rent the money . \"
Ilena was one of three women who offered me a sale last week in Bucharest.
When his boss ruled on another slim brunette, Ioana, the first dealer changed his mind
His price is also at 2,000 euros, and he seems excited about the prospect of going to London.
He made so much money that he did want to lose her.
Elena, the second girl, was given me a baseball cap.
The man in his forties is called Gianni.
The next night, we arranged to meet with Elena, Gianni and Elena\'s \"owners\" at unirill square in the city \".
Gianni arrived first, then a car with colored windows, and two heavy cars in front of us braked sharply in front of us.
A nervous and beautiful Sparrow
Like a blonde crawling out of the back seat.
She looked scared and shook hands with an uncoordinated polite touch, reaching out.
Gianni explained Elena was \"very new but very good \".
Two mobs asked me about it and how I was going to bring Elena back to England.
She didn\'t have a passport, they said, but they could help.
I had 20 minutes of uncomfortable time with them and arranged to meet the next day and they would give me a price.
But then I agreed to buy Ilena.
The day before closing a deal for Ilena, I drove to 1,400-inmate high-
At the security prison in juergiu, close to the Bulgarian border, 40 miles south of Budapest.
26 of the prisoners were convictedtraffickers.
The traffickers, whose sentences range from four to nine years, are protesting their innocence and continuing to reveal the secrets of their dirty but lucrative business.
They drew a depressing picture and said many other
Soviet Bloc countries
Most of the girls targeted by recruiters are vulnerable teenagers and are in the best age group between 15 and 19 years old.
They are always from poor families in the towns and villages of southern Romania, including Kalasi, Slobozia and Constanta.
The initial recruiter is usually a woman, sometimes even the girl\'s own mother.
Some were taken to Budapest and other cities to work, and then continued to work, often going to Western Europe, many working through the \"girl market\" in Afghanistan and Macedonia.
They got a good job, but when they arrived their passports were confiscated and many were locked up in dirty rooms and they were forced to sell their bodies.
Almost all of their profits must be handed over to pimps.
The resistance was punished by gangs.
Rape and assault
Niculina Nicu, a prisonerlooking 29-year-
The old man from Romania, who served eight years for selling a woman for 200 euros, said that before being sold abroad, girls were often sold several times in Romania
He said that human trafficking was carried out by people along the route, from rural women who encouraged girls to apply for \"dance work\" abroad to corrupt border guards.
The Nicu insists that girls will be in a worse situation if they don\'t have pimps to \"protect\" them.
\"A lot of girls do this because they want a good life,\" he said . \"
Another 44-year-old trafficker, Caldararu Dumitru, who also served eight years in prison for human trafficking, admitted that many girls had been awarded false contracts and were forced into prostitution.
\"But a lot of girls like it because at least they have money in their pockets.
\"At the Bucharest headquarters of the National Office for the prevention of human trafficking, police Commissioner Silvio Erusencu severely condemned attempts by traffickers to defend their actions.
\"This is exploitation,\" he said . \"
\"We have girls who tell us that human traffickers have killed another girl in front of them to intimidate them and destroy their spirits.
\"The Romanian authorities are doing what they can, but they rely on charities to fund preventive measures, such as the official employment agency to fund overseas employment, and the poster campaign warns young women of the dangers they face, shelter for victims
Critics say police have not done enough to arrest traffickers and accuse police of taking bribes from pimps.
80 miles north
In the town of pititi in the west of the capital, Iana Matei provides a shelter for women fleeing forced prostitution, and she is angry at the claims that women like to be raped, beaten and forced to have sex with dozens of strangers.
\"These girls are slaves, but they are considered prostitutes and illegal immigrants.
British police have deported them, but human traffickers greet them at the airport and they will return to the UK within three weeks.
Governments should
This will help these girls return to their families or shelters, and the police will also be able to catch the traffickers.
\"Miss Matei introduced me to Alina who escaped from the kidnappers earlier this year.
Elena, who left school at the age of 14, slowly and bravely told me how she was forced into prostitution by her mother.
Drink and divorce in the town of Slobozia, 10 miles south
East of the capital.
\"She worked on it with a human trafficking neighbor who I \'ve known all my life and thought I could trust,\" she said . \".
They told her to have a butler job in Rome and her mother forced her to make money for Elena\'s younger son.
Alina and two other girls take a small bus
After a day of travel in Hungary and Austria, she came to a cottage outside Rome where she was raped and beaten by neighbors and two other men.
Gave her a \"patch\" on a bus\"
Stop and order a five-minute sex charge of 50 euros to men in a parking lot guarded by pimps.
A few weeks later, she was sold to three Romanians who beat and raped her.
They locked her in an abandoned, windowless freight train carriage with five other girls, with only one blanket to sleep --
Forcing her to do more 50-
European sex conference
One night, when the pimple got drunk and opened the door of the carriage, Elena escaped.
She went to the police and provided evidence in court to help convict traffickers.
She was brought back to Romania in August and now lives in a shelter in an attempt to rebuild her life with her five-year-old son, Robert.
\"I will never forget everything I have experienced,\" she said . \".
\"But I\'m lucky to be alive and I have to move on for the sake of my son.
\"As for Elina, there is also hope for her life out of sexual slavery.
After Sunday\'s telegram investigation, details of her control personnel have been passed on to the Romanian police who initiated the investigation.
A police spokesman said: \"We attach great importance to the report on human trafficking and will investigate the matter.
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