minister to the possessed

by:YEROO     2019-11-06
In saki knafojuly 16, 2006. symptoms of demon attacks are listed on Flyers flying to hundreds of lampposts and bus stops in the southeast of Queens, enough to stop travelers from feeling pressed on the bed, can\'t get up even when awake.
\"Chased by animals in a dream.
\"There is no good reason why people suddenly change their opinion of you.
\"That part of the autonomous city is home to about 125,000 West Indians, and many people live in fear of the curse, which they think will hurt them.
Flyers provide help, promising that cursed people can \"get relief\" in the Church of life district \".
Last night in church.
A place of worship on the first floor of a wooden frame house on 107 Avenue, Jamaica, pastor and flyer author priest
Olufimi akuinu announced it was time to pray. Mr. Akojenu, a 32-year-
Nigerians created life zone at the end of last year.
He said he could thank him for the Flyers he wrote and started posting two months ago, as they helped him fill the seat of the church. Mr.
Akojenu is the most familiar person to Femi, his parish resident, and he is not just preaching for religion.
He is also promoting opposition to certain religions.
It was both a welcome source and a boycott of his mission.
He specializes in salvation, which is a Christian practice of getting people out of evil souls.
For those who attend his church, the process usually involves the abandonment of Voden, Haiti (voodoo)
Oba, Jamaica and other Africans
Derived religion, sir.
Akojenu and many others whom he described as evangelical Christians consider to be forms of witchcraft.
He advertised in the church the most recent night.
Akojenu spoke out a series of impassioned statements to his congregation.
\"When they ask the Voodoo People somewhere or the obeah man somewhere,\" he said, referring to any enemy of his parish residents, \"It won\'t work no matter where they go. ”Mr.
Akojenu said he knew three other local ministers were involved in the Crusades, as he did.
Marta Moreno Viga, founder of the African Diaspora Institute at the Caribbean Cultural Center in Midtown, described some activities such
Akojenu is a legacy of European colonialism.
\"How did you colonize? ” she said.
\"By destroying people\'s culture. What do you do?
You write books, introduce materials, and tell people that their system is original, backward and evil.
However, other advertising companies agree with Neil walderen, 46year-
The old man from Trinidad and Tobago owns a cleaning business. Mr.
Mr. walderen, after seeing him, took part in the life zone.
Akojenu said in a leaflet at a bus shelter that the practice of witchcraft has long tortured his family.
\"They are the owners of the land . \"
Walderen talked about his relatives.
\"They still have a lot of properties --
Many people are jealous.
\"A version of this article appears on the CY6 page of the National edition with the title: the Minister of attachment.
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