mob destroys car after hit-and-run case

by:YEROO     2019-10-19
Jakarta Post/Asian News Network)
: On Thursday, a mob destroyed a black Grand Livina car near the Transjakarta bus stop in Mangga Besar, west of Jakarta.
The car driver, known as Franky, was allegedly affected by drugs and was heading to the Harmoni crossing, where he crashed into a motorcyclist around 1 in the evening. m.
Chief of Police, TamansariSr. Comr.
Luly Indra said Friday.
\"Franky claimed that he was drinking meth in the car [
When you stop]
In rockasari, \"kom quoted kompas as saying. com. The 39-year-
When the other drivers let him park, the old driver sped up.
Later, he entered a bus lane across Jakarta, where Franky crashed into another motorcyclist, a road-separating vehicle finally stopped and a mob immediately attacked
Police are still investigating where Frankie got the drugs.
\"We can\'t say the source of drugs because anyone can buy them anywhere,\" he said . \".
The front of the car was damaged by hitting the road divider and being injured by a mob.
Two motorcyclists hit by Frank were not injured.
The police found sleeping pills and zip-lock plastic bags in his car, which were used to store Frank\'s admitted meth.
The police are still hunting down the perpetrators of the mob.
\"We can\'t allow [anyway [mob justice],” Ruly added. -
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