mobile homeless bus shelters planned in hawaii

by:YEROO     2019-10-23
HONOLULU-A non-profit organization that provides food for homeless people has new plans to get people out of the street --tour buses.
This is called H-
Hawaii is hopeful that the hungry will launch the first two mobile homeless shelters for Oahu.
Donated 19 used buses to H-
Director Utu Langi of Roberts Hawaii is in charge of the project.
Langi is removing the bus seats, with 40 seats each --
Eight beds were converted for small zoning vehicles. H-
About 6,000 meals are distributed around Oahu each month to increase the number of homeless people.
The group plans to launch a bus on Wednesday, starting an annual 130-
To raise awareness of homelessness, the island has traveled a mile.
One of the buses is traveling with walkers to introduce mobile shelters to the homeless.
Mr. Lange said he hopes to have five buses in the middle of the way as a shelter. 2008.
The bus will drive to places where homeless people gather and provide accommodation through other organizations that provide bathroom facilities as there is no toilet for the bus.
\"The idea is not to put too much burden on a community or an organization,\" Langi said . \" Added that the bus will provide better conditions than larger shelters and will serve people who will not or cannot travel to the government --
Sponsored sanctuary
\"I hope to help a lot of people with this stupid idea,\" Langi said . \".
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