moment idiot ‘bus surfers’ ride on top of double-decker in manchester in dangerous stunt

by:YEROO     2019-09-04
Horror seekers filming double-deck \"surfing\" movies in downtown Manchester have been slammed by bus companies.
Two cocky young men climbed up on the roof of the bus, and after climbing the scaffolding earlier, they climbed up the office.
Video taken on YouTube
Cam and cell phones hyped their stunts on Sunday night.
Starting with three teenagers climbing up the scaffolding from the parking lot.
His iPhone broke on the concrete below.
They were not intimidated by the danger of continuing to rise, and before reaching the roof, they swayed on the small ledge.
When a young man took a selfie in front of the Manchester skyline, tipto followed the narrow ledge with his toes.
After returning to the ground, they celebrated with their friends
The two then decided to take a blue and yellow magic bus from the city.
The video shows how they dragged themselves to the bus shelter before jumping on ship 142 to East Didsbury.
As the bus passed past Primark and Greggs through Piccadilly Gardens, they grinned, took selfies, and waved to their companions on the ground.
Finally, the brave men jumped down while the bus was still driving, avoiding waiting passengers while they sprinted from the scene.
The Stagecoach running the Magic Bus slammed the stupid stunt.
A spokesman said: \"This behavior is very irresponsible and very dangerous, not only for the participants, but also for our drivers, passengers and other road users.
\"We urge anyone who wants to repeat such gimmicks not to risk themselves or the rest of the public.
Greater Manchester Police said they had received reports that the two had taken the bus through Piccadilly Gardens just before eight. 55pm on Sunday.
The police took it back.
Case of social behavior
Fans surf on a mobile bus in June to celebrate England winning the World Cup in Panama.
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