more air-conditioned bus shelters for abu dhabi.

by:YEROO     2019-11-17
Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi Ministry of Transport (DoT)
The second phase of air was announced Tuesday-
Qualified bus protection facilities across the emirate of Abu Dhabi at a cost of Dh100 million.
The project is expected to be completed in the first quarter, with Hashem Hashemi, director of the department of public transport of the Ministry of Transport (DoT)
Tell the Gulf News.
He said 160
Conditional bus shelters will be located in Abu Dhabi and its suburbs to meet the growing demand in key areas of the capital, 80 in the western region and 120 in Ayin and its suburbs.
Al Hashimi said that DoT continues to maximize the use of public transport by gradually providing public transport services that meet international standards and sustainability, in accordance with its overall ground transport plan (STMP).
\"This project is a key priority for DoT while strengthening the abudabi road transport infrastructure designed to ease traffic and reduce congestion.
Priority is given to hospitals, schools, shopping centers ,[
Accommodation for workers
It includes residential areas, parks, hotels, clinics and main roads, as well as industrial areas and remote areas . \"
Al Hashimi said the move would not lead to higher ticket prices, noting that there would be machines in the shelter for customers to purchase bus tickets or public transport cards.
\"The goalkeeper is manual, but as with the doors previously installed in the shelters of 80 bus stops, it can be easily opened because many people try to open them manually, so they are misused and damaged, \"he said.
Marwan Al Merri, chairman of the Project Committee, told Gulf News that the new sanctuary meets international safety standards in design, form and content to provide ultimate comfort and convenience.
The design specification pays special attention to the wide door, which is equipped with weapons to help people with special needs.
\"We surveyed many people to learn about the specifications and standards they like about shelters, and after breaking their feedback, we found that they tend to be culturally designed in line with UAE traditions and culture.
\"That\'s why in the new bus station shelters they are designed according to Islamic culture,\" AlMerri said . \".
\"Design is based on the Islamic architectural style known as\" Mashrabiya;
This element of traditional Islamic architecture reflects the harmonious architectural revival of the emirate of Abu Dhabi \"said Melli.
He added: \"Air
Conditional bus shelters are designed to meet the needs of current and future passengers, such as bus tickets and vending machines.
DoT has installed three. . .
In the Khalidiya area of Abu Dhabi.
Al Merri said strict measures have been taken to ensure a friendly environment.
The sanctuary is equipped with energy with the latest technology-
Save ventilation fans for winter.
Al Hashimi said the shelters will be available in three sizes to meet the needs of various passengers across the UAE. The small sanctuary will accommodate 16 people with 4 seats and 12 seats.
There will be extra space for a wheelchair. Medium-
The size of the sanctuary will accommodate 24 people.
They will have eight seats and a wheelchair space.
The large sanctuary will accommodate 28 people with 10 seats and space for two chairs.
Both officials of the Ministry of Transport said that all shelters will have an external capacity of 12 people and that buses will have automatic vehicle management (AVM)
Show their location
\"AVM will help us to modify and track the itinerary of the Emirates bus as customers will be able to detect the itinerary on a fixed display in each shelter,\" AlHashimi said . \".
City of Abu Dhabi: hallidia, Al Farah, Tourist Club District, city center and Al mushif.
Raha Beach, banyas, Halifax (A)
Amafrak, Musafa, Samaha, Yas Island and Abu Dhabi International Airport.
The Western Region: Liva, Ruva, Serra, the island of Dema, bidamtawa, Ghayashi and Jebel Dana.
Al Ain: Al Foah, Al Mutaredh, Al Khatam, Al Jaheli, Al ainmunicity, Al Jimi and Al Qattara.
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