more bus shelters: ganesh i.’s big idea

by:YEROO     2019-10-09
Name: Ganesh I.
Question: Infrastructure/transportation: how to make it easier to get around the big idea of getting around kidtowhat: The city should provide shelter at every bus stop, especially where TTC stops and other traffic starts, such as Mississauga Sharjah/Milton/Brampton, etc.
Although the bus was comfortable, I saw a lot of commuters shivering in the bus stop.
Will anyone watch this?
Taking into account the cold weather, commuters will be aware of this and will also relieve stress on health care and downtime due to health and illness caused by exposure to cold conditions.
How this great idea will work: reduce downtime for new immigrant and transit users, increase productivity, reduce health issues and overall social well-being.
How much will your big idea cost and how to get the money: it won\'t cost a lot of money.
To some extent, this should be jointly funded by bus companies and cities.
After all, bus companies usually provide bus shelters for customers.
Billboard advertising is another source of funding.
How will you implement your big idea: through participation between members of the city council and transit authorities.
Do you know how to make GTA a better place to live?
Submitted here for our year-long project.
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