name discrimination among hr managers: does an unusual name signify a potential problem employee?

by:YEROO     2019-08-31
Rose of any other name would be so . . . . . . Out of date?
An article on CNN\'s Global Public Square has aroused my curiosity (GPS)
Strange baby names are prohibited by birth, death and marriage registrars in New Zealand.
Reprinted from The Globe and Mail, it was also published in the country\'s Herald Sun, which apparently ended the desire of not less than three people, they want to say that their child, Lucifer, is now on the ban.
If you are going to name your child Messiah, King, Knight, Mr. Bishop, you are also unlucky
Duke or any word that sounds like a title or title.
Again, verboten is the number 89 and the letters C, D, T, and I.
However, things have gone far before falling
Under the guidance of the Registrar, two boys were named Sen and hedge, and the other boy was named Bus No. 16 shelter.
Poor little Talula Does Hawaiian hula and she has to wait to grow up to change her name legally.
New Zealand is not the only place to ban names;
Sweden has banned Superman, Elvis Presley and Metallica, although Lego and Google (huh? )are okay.
Your child\'s name must be gender specific in the Dominican Republic, which excludes kradar Pina (Dear Pineapple)
And Tonton Ruiz (Dummy Ruiz).
If you\'re thinking about Nicholas Cage\'s son, Carl
Will you expect him to be a super man when he opens in your company?
What about gwynith Paltrow\'s apple, or Penn Gillette\'s mositi Cremer fighter?
Well, Moxie won\'t be too bad as long as the child keeps the crimefiger part confidential.
What\'s your name?
The HR manager can\'t see the standard names like Mary and Johnand Linda—
On the resume.
We see the discord of culture, symbolism, and creation-
To achieve these new balances, you have to read the list of current names.
People under the age of thirty have little experience in reading the phone book for fun and meaningless pastimes.
Today, when we need a phone number that is not on our Outlook, we quickly click on the Internet and use the digital white page.
But in the days of one of my friends, yore
Who would kill me if she knew I sprinkled beans)
Let me start enjoying the fun of having your fingers frolicking in huge, thin places
Once ubiquitous paper phone book.
We will see the name!
How can you not know what it would be like to be friends with Faye Funn?
Is there no boy who wants to date Nancy nobs?
There is a Peter Piger, yes, there are ducks and Bugg.
You can find Lipps (Leroy or Lee)or Leggs.
We found the pest and one lady was listed as me. B. Loser.
I know it\'s a lady because I admit that I made a phone number with my friend;
When her machine answered the phone, we hung up in a hurry.
Later she called me and said that my number appeared on her caller I. D.
I just told her it was the wrong number.
We like to compare the names we meet.
My friend knows someone named Stobo Clowney.
I know someone named Mordecai Applebaum.
I don\'t know how Mordecai has been through these years, but I know that Stobo has passed away and I hope that the children of little Clowney will not read this article.
Of course, there\'s nothing funny about Clowney\'s name, but what was she thinking when Stobo\'s mother signed his birth certificate?
There is very little discrimination against unusual surnames.
The origin of many names is obvious.
You\'re Tom\'s son.
This last name means you\'re Robert\'s son.
If your name is Bobby Robertson or Billy Williamson, you will grow into a baseball player.
Cooper, Miller, Baker and Brewer
All these names come from family trade.
Parks, woods, hills and lakes become the last names of people because they show where they live --
Tom in the lake became Tom Lake.
Jews used only their names centuries ago. no surnames.
In 1787, the Germans passed a law requiring everyone to have a last name and then charge them Germany-sounding names.
A person who can pay a generous fee gets a beautiful name like Morgenstern-
Morning Star.
If you can afford it, but rarely, you end up getting something like Schmutz, which means dirty.
How a name affects work performance with the melting pot of American surnames, nobody really gives them too much thought.
But give the namefirst names—
Even in the subconscious mind, it will still affect our preconceived approach to others.
Anthony may be a boy, for example, and Tony will pinch your mother. Forbes.
A few months ago, Jenna Goudreau of com reported that most male CEOs had one
Standard names: Bob, Jack, Bill, Bruce, Ron, and Don.
They are the names that roll down the tongue quickly with a quick handshake.
Women at the top of the job tend to use their full names --
Deborah, not Debbie.
Cynthia, not Cindy.
Goudreau speculated that women must work harder to be taken seriously, so they will use serious names.
Tralee Pearce of Canada\'s Globe Mail blog says people whose surnames end with R to Z Take chances faster, probably because they always have to wait until the last day when they go to school, everything goes in alphabetical order.
If other skills are in place, this may indicate the confident personality traits that managers desire.
What Psychologists say about Psychology Today, Karin flora, talked in 2004 about whether people might be negatively affected by strange names and generally think they don\'t.
For each of us, the first word we know is our name.
This is usually the first word we learn how to write, we just get used to it.
He said the man is more likely to be affected by freedom.
Lively parents who provide names instead of names themselves.
Or, parents who want their children to grow up mature and elegant can choose a name, such as Luc or Christian-
Although it is only time to know whether Luc will rob the bank or serve as chairman of the board.
Nevertheless, we describe people\'s impressions according to their names.
Asked flora, do you think Bertha would be a ballerina?
Of course, Mordecai Applebaum grew up as a doctor.
I don\'t know what stobbo Cloney did.
However, it is never possible for you to know a man named Joe shates.
He really hated his name, and finally he went to the court to change his name.
He changed it to Vincent Schwartz.
He said he was tired of people saying \"Hey Joe, he knows,\" and he couldn\'t stand it anymore.
If Joe stayed, he might be CEO today because it would be better to shake hands quickly.
A few years ago, when I was working in temporary services, one of my best light workers had a strange name called Leroy Schwartzbaum.
The name makes people crazy.
They always wanted to know what he was.
I admit I kind of liked the effect of the name and I just told people, \"You have to wait and see.
You will like him.
They always do that.
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