new bus shelter is vandalized by acid

by:YEROO     2019-09-01
Updated, Nov.
7. new glass of the city
The bus shelter with a wall was baptized by acid.
This seems inevitable, and there is now evidence that a battle has begun less than a year after the first shelter was installed by Cemusa.
The three glass panels of the 23 th Street and 8 th Avenue sanctuary were destroyed by graffiti, apparently applied with etching acid.
\"They have already held the inauguration,\" said Silver, a well-dressed man. haired man —
What\'s the tip-can-you-do? resignation —
On Monday night, he got off the bus M23 and saw Chelsea\'s ruined grounds.
As the New York City Transportation Bureau learned through experience, the prognosis is not good once the vandal scratches or etching the glass.
In fact, \"the battle has failed,\" Michael.
The agency\'s senior vice president of Metro, Lombardi, said last year. Under a 20-
Annual franchise from the city, Cemusa, street-
Furniture manufacturers based in Spain (
Its name is acronym, the initials of European companies. A. )
3,300 bus shelters, 330 newsstands and 20 public toilets will be installed.
The shelters were designed by the British construction company Grimshaw.
When they were unveiled in December 2006, Duncan Jackson of Grimshaw said, \"using high
Quality materials such as stainless steel and glass provide the addition and reflection of the structure of the city\'s streets without dominating the surrounding environment and sitting comfortably in any neighborhood.
But with so much glass, they seem particularly vulnerable to damage.
It remains to be seen whether so many trends have already begun and whether Chelsea will have another trend.
Ask the readers of City Room to Let us know if they have seen evidence of graffiti, \"scratch\" or acid etching in any new sanctuary.
Please mention the intersection. Update, Nov.
7: whether it won the war against graffiti or not, Cemusa can at least claim the battle.
Justin Black, a spokesman for the company, said the glass panel of the sanctuary was replaced at 7: 30 today.
Only 14 hours after he promised to finish the work in one day.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Here, we need to set an example or send a message like Singapore.
You will be found doing this and you will be beaten.
The number of Lashings will be consistent with your age.
Or maybe we will pour the same acid on your hands.
Vandalism happens once or twice and we will punish accordingly and trust me people will get the message and we will have the original bus stop. Really? !
-Why do most people tolerate the dirtiness and disregard of a few?
It makes life unpleasant and ugly, but we have endless tolerance for it as an engine of society. I have had enough.
The city absolutely needs to be strengthened in terms of preventing vandalism.
Cameras or security personnel should be provided and punishment procedures should be strictly enforced.
The purpose of creating these artificial facades is to move New York forward, not backward.
It is very sad to see that these structures work so hard and focused and so easily destroyed without any remorse or influence.
In response to the endless overventilation of surveillance cameras and co-punishment, I have to answer this: don\'t we have anything more important to worry about?
Why don\'t the city install vandal-
Proof-of-security cameras against these bus shelters, as well as television broadcasts and webcasts of vandals arrested in the act, and generous rewards for their arrest.
It\'s time to take these idiots from the street to some vandals.
Prison cell certificate
I don\'t agree with vandalism, but one of the richest cities in the world is going to build a cheap, massiveproduced plexi-glass shell?
Perhaps this is an internal job designed to demonstrate the need for Orwell-style surveillance of the country.
Will not do anything;
Not even the police.
On the 14 th, the children watching the skateboard in the small park opposite Union Square.
South of Park Avenue, they cut off the beautiful pink granite, once surrounded by lovely gardens, where police have been standing and chatting with each other;
When asked to do something to stop the destruction of a beautiful public place, the police said, \"they are just children! ”Acid-
This caliber of etching art belongs to the Museum of Modern Art, not to the museum on the street.
At the very least, we can choose whether to look at it or not. 5: Because a)
There are enough cameras around us, not to mention the police (illegally)
Video of public demonstrations of more than 10 people, B)
Because there are more important things to spend on taxpayers than these ugly new bus stations, such as education and health care, and keep them clean.
Because under the leadership of Mayor McCheese, the sole purpose of street furniture-bus stops, newsstands, phone booths, building scaffolding, and even subway entrance displays-is for advertising purposes, how can I charge companies that are plastering in our city an advertising fee that is sufficient to cover the security measures that everyone seems to want?
It\'s not vandalism, it\'s art.
This is free expression.
It\'s . . . . . . It\'s gone now.
Come near my house, Inwood.
Every pull
Under the store Gate, every wall, every building, every park wall, even the trees in the park are covered with graffiti.
But we can\'t let ourselves kill the performance of these little guys so that they don\'t become civilized.
\"Why did the city install vandal-
Proof security cameras for these bus shelters, as well as TV broadcasts and webcasts for the vandals caught, \"I can see now that all those vandals are high
Because they clapped each other on a video online. Don’t you see?
This will make them want to do more!
Parents are raising idiots these days.
Guys, this is our future.
Vandals like Singapore? Really?
Not long ago, a young man who openly opposed the war was shot by Taser, or did you forget?
Maybe we should consider going back to \"Guiliani time\" in New York, what is the benefit for you guys?
\"Vandals like Singapore? Really?
Not long ago, a young man who openly opposed the war was shot by Taser, or did you forget?
Maybe we should consider going back to \"guiliani time\" in New York, what is it that catches all of you?
The \"clear thinking\" people released by KJ can tell the difference between a college student\'s public opposition to war and punk\'s destruction of property, and how it should be handled.
I was wondering why they didn\'t put protective plastic sheets on the glass as they started doing on the subway glass.
Basically, it\'s a huge and obvious disease (
Because there is no better term).
It has many layers.
You don\'t even know it exists when applying.
Then, when the window is sprayed or etched, all you have to do is peel off a layer of transparent film.
Then you have a brand new surface.
This is like covering the surface of the glass with a transparent plastic wrap.
Just peel off the dirty top floor and reveal a new one.
It really reduces the cost.
This does not stop the crime from happening, but it can get rid of it faster.
In addition, it reduces the likelihood of this happening because \"artists\" know if it can be removed easily.
In order to better protect them, they need to apply a Mela coating on the new bus shelter.
The etching acid should be registered and strictly controlled.
Wouldn\'t the contract for CEMUSA require the removal of graffiti?
Maybe there is no need to worry about the city at that time.
Who cares about the bus shelter
If they have acid or something on them, there\'s no difference, it\'s still a bus shelter & it protects me from the rain.
There are so many people in the prison that we should not increase any more.
Although we do need new ones, why not make them beautiful?
If graffiti adds personality, perhaps advocates of this claim would want it to apply to their faces.
How about basic science?
Did you know that adding some sort of buffer or alkali to get acid and acid?
Is the intention of the acid breaker first to destroy property?
Are they keen on crime and revenge or can\'t resist a new glass just because the artist is an empty canvas?
It\'s their low.
The tech version of Youtube, perhaps because of the lack of computers, is the only way for them to get \"out?
In addition to forcing people to carve initials into trees or new cement and write names and numbers on park benches or bathroom walls, what is the motivation?
Graffiti must be one of the oldest forms of graphic communication we know, from science in the sand to cave painting.
Instead of forgiving this behavior, I try to understand it, look at it better from the right perspective, and try to find a solution from there.
What worries me even more is that an entity under a state has donated money to the MTA through taxes and fares, granting both contracts (
Design and construction)
Companies outside the United States.
Not a good enough design or construction company in New York?
Is there no bidding contract?
Please spend my money in the city you earn.
\"Is the intention of the acid breaker to destroy property in the first place? ” Yes.
\"As an artist, they are an empty canvas . . . . . . Can\'t resist new glass at all?
\"Then they should take a course on impulse control like all the other non-criminals.
\"This is their low.
The tech version of Youtube, perhaps because of the lack of computers, is the only way they can leave themselves?
\"Defacing property is different from posting videos on YouTube.
I think that\'s who I am. evident.
\"I don\'t forgive this behavior. \" Yes, you are.
\"Trying to find a solution\" maybe we can set up a committee, make a plan, come up with an agreement, develop an idea, and build a framework for the input to try to find a solution.
Alternatively, we can make it illegal to have an etching acid and Sue vandals who own and use it.
\"Hanki mark is not fun at all\" released by MarcYou (20)
: I can read between your lines that you make a lot of assumptions.
I happen to know who this person is, not only does he have a computer, but he also runs a website.
If you think this person is trying to \"communicate\" then tell me what do you understand about his label other than \"strike east again?
You can read between my lines.
Can you tell me, please?
I thought I was asking a long-standing, seemingly unsolvable question instead of making assumptions.
The question, even the question of rhetoric, is not an assumption.
The assumption shows that a person actually knows something.
For example, the illegal production of etching acid, crayons, chalk, magic marks, sharp stones and painting will prevent graffiti vandalism.
You\'re not fun either.
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