new bus shelter opens at brooks city-base

by:YEROO     2019-11-16
Residents waiting for buses along the city Base Landing Avenue will no longer have to face these factors bravely --
Hot, cold, wet, wind-
A new shelter was installed.
Recently, a new bus shelter was opened in 7540 city.
Close to Sidney Brooks Avenue and the landing base next to it. “The bus stop (ID No. 66596)
\"The shelter serves about 115 boarding customers every day, which makes it a good candidate for the shelter,\" said a VIA spokesperson . \". The shelter —designed by —
Inspired by the elements used throughout Brooks City-
Base Development, Ingel said.
\"The design concept of the bus shelter is inspired by the vertical monument icon used in the Brooks City Base Area, which is the gateway to mark the base entrance,\" Ingle said . \".
The structure also has unique seat design and structural elements, such as parking spaces designed in the waiting booth, so that passengers can enter the waiting booth with shopping carts from nearby retailers.
LED lighting was also incorporated under the canopy and at the bottom of the seat to illuminate the structure during evening service hours, Ingle said.
The sanctuary marks the beginning of more public transport facilities in Brooks City --Base.
\"VIA plans to build another shelter of this type in front of the new station.
There is already a foundation (
Provided by the hospital)
At the scene of the shelter, \"Ingel said.
VIA also plans to build a transportation facility in downtown Brooks
Base, as part of the first five-year project of the remote integrated transport plan.
\"The proposed transit center will be a complete
The demand for service facilities is partly driven by the growing population in the neighborhood, new jobs and new retail opportunities, focusing primarily on the reconstruction plan for the city of Brooks --
Base, \"said Ingel.
Officials present at VIA\'s ribbon event March 21
Cutting ceremony in New Brooks City
The base bus shelter of the architect Milo Rivera; County Judge ;
Female members of the Third District;
County Commissioner;
By the board the third the President;
Through the trustee, and;
Through the President/CEO;
Brooks City-Base.
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