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by:YEROO     2019-10-30
PANCHKULA: to curb illegal activities such as teasing and pickpocketing on New Year\'s Eve, Panchkula municipal companies will all install panic buttons at city-wide bus stations.
Municipalities will also renovate the current chaotic new bus shelters.
In addition, this is a floating bidding process for the construction of toilets near bus shelters.
MC will allow the company to build and maintain bus line-up shelters by posting ads.
All such bus lines will also be equipped with CCTV cameras.
Panchkula municipal commissioner Rajesh Jogpal, who revealed plans to build these bus shelters, said civic groups would build 60 bus shelters throughout the city, each
He said, \"measures are being taken to reduce the illegal activities carried out in these places, such as Eve\'s teasing.
In addition, bus shelters have been in a state of neglect for many years, and residents have been demanding new shelters.
So we decided to build a new country. of-the-
The art shelter and these will have a panic button.
Any woman or girl who has been hurt by a gangster can press this button, which will ring in the local police control room, enabling the police to act quickly.
This will keep the miser from danger and make the city safer for women.
While further explaining the notable features of the new bus shelters, jogpal said that as MC also plans to install CCTV cameras at each bus stop, people\'s safety will be further enhanced, these cameras will also be monitored in the police control room.
\"The move will help us catch the gangsters in the operation,\" added Jogpal . \".
Commissioner MC said the municipality plans to build up to 30 toilets near bus shelters.
\"This type of toilet will have a urinals and toilet seats, and the construction cost per toilet is Rs 8,\" said Jogpal . \".
Women in Panchkula welcomed the steps taken by MC.
District 4 resident Manisa Jindal said, \"most female commuters often face the harassment of gangsters at bus shelters.
The installation of emergency buttons and cctv will be of great help.
Rajni Bala, a student at Panchkula Government Women\'s College, said, \"the city\'s bus line-up shelters are in very bad condition.
Especially in rainy days, we find it difficult to wait for the bus.
This is a popular step if MC plans to install the panic button.
This may save us from daily harassment in the hands of eve teasers.
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