new bus shelters let you plan your shopping and tv-watching but not your trip

by:YEROO     2019-09-02
Some new buses do not have road maps and travel tips in departments that lack traffic information
The shelters that are being installed by Cemusa have barely reached the level of anger.
But since there seems to be sufficient advertising for the same sanctuary, mild anger may be normal.
For example, on the American Avenue on 56 th Street, passengers can\'t find the line of the station, where the bus will go after leaving the station, or how to pay the fare, which is a big problem. of-towner.
However, they can spend $8830 on Verizon\'s new BlackBerry 199 World Edition. 99 (after rebate)
Or think about how delicious it may be to have the extra Corona or corona light now, as long as they \"relax responsibly \".
\"12 blocks south of the avenue, the sanctuary is silent about whether passengers can expect M5, M6 or M7 parking.
Instead, it let them know that Glenn Close starred in damages on the FX network.
Oh, yes, and Verizon\'s BlackBerry. Only $199. 99. (After rebate. )
Is this another case for companies to acquire the public domain without the full benefit promised to the public? Not quite.
Spanish company Cemusa won the streets of the city
The furniture franchise last year cannot be blamed.
\"The process of getting the right map in the changing construction schedule has always been a challenge for us to continue our efforts,\" said Molly godi, Assistant Commissioner of Transport . \".
New York City Transportation Bureau makes rider information panel on high ground
Eight quality materials are needed
The lead time of manufacturing.
\"The actual installation location may change during this time,\" she said . \".
\"Because of this, there may be lag from the time it takes to install and run shelters and provide customer service information.
\"Because the city and transportation departments are responsible for the production and coordination of this material,\" said the woman. Gordy said.
\"There is no fault with Cemusa.
The spokesman said, \"by the end of this week, Cemusa is expected to have 600 new shelters, one month ahead of the scheduled time.
There will eventually be 3,300 people.
For the time being, there is something else missing in the sanctuary: Real
Time display of bus arrival information.
Something else is missing in the sanctuary: Real
Time display of bus arrival information.
\"The department is working with N. Y. C.
Transit of this project \".
Gordy said, \"We are excited to see the results of the pilot they are working on.
These display panels are currently acting as advertisements. For Cemusa.
Comments are no longer accepted.
Not to mention the shelter\'s impact on protecting you from the rain.
Like the lighting advertisement at the entrance to the subway now: What about interrupting the advertisement to let people know that the train below is not running? ?
The idea of bombing customers first and only through advertising is an example of a backward priority.
It sounds to me like an example of putting capitalism first and democracy second.
I just don\'t understand why new shelters are needed.
The same money can be used to build a system that informs people about the difficulties in the subway and bus transportation systems.
By definition, anything related to the New York bus \"system\" is stupid.
I took the bus there recently.
Wet, windy, no privacy.
No wonder Superman never takes the bus.
Obviously, the MTA is really lazy.
If not, then the sanctuary will tell you when a bus appears.
This is a waste of money except for the new bus stop.
Is the new sanctuary a waste of money?
This is not the money of the city.
It\'s the company that installed these devices.
So let them do it.
Why do we need a new sanctuary?
Would you prefer the old model with rust or the new cleaner model?
I would also like to see them include a schedule.
I think we will see it over time.
Thanks to the installer.
That\'s right-the article ignores the mention that shelters usa is making, installing and maintaining shelters for free.
Advertising revenue is the price paid for it.
Companies that install shelters manage ads, not MTA-that\'s why ads are installed in every shelter.
However, I can\'t believe there\'s an 8-
The week lead time on this information panel.
They make 3,300-they should have a big printing factory working on it all day.
In the agreement, not only did the city not cost anything, but it actually got $1 from CEMUSA.
Not to mention, given that the advertising interests of damaged shelters are threatened, they will be fixed or replaced soon.
However, it is embarrassing that these shelters do not even provide a modest actual residence from these elements.
Does anyone know who hired someone to build a new bus shelter?
I noticed with fear and fear
Frameless and unprotected height glass extending from one end of the new sanctuary.
How long does it take for a stumbling drunk or just a vandal to break this glass into dangerous, or even potentially lethal debris?
The tempered glass used by the bus shelter will not break into huge pieces.
I would like to know why there is no bus shelter at the corner of Woodhaven Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue. (
On the Woodhaven Trail)
Sometimes the wind and rain are unbearable.
Bus No. 11 and bus No. 54 and bus No. 15 are parked there and I think there are some others.
\"Making the right map is a challenge . . . . . . ? ?
You will love it.
But the ads that don\'t know how to make are not.
More is the same incompetence of the MTA.
Man, I\'m really sorry for the tourists who have to deal with our transportation system.
At often rude workers, unoccupied collectors stalls, locked entrances, garbled or without announcements, poor/conflicting/No.
Existing signs, etc.
How did a poor visitor calculate the system?
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